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Dad's Lung cancer is spreading rapidly..

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Hi I have been peeking in on the boards for about 6 mos. My father who is 62 was diagnosed with NSCLC stage 4 in Novemember. The main tumor sits right behind aorta and has spread to the right and left lobes, some Nodes on the lungs and has also Metastasized to the right shoulder's lymph nodes therefore they told us that he was inoperable.

We stared cysplasitin December 23rd and made it through 4 rounds of Chemo. After the 3rd treatment PET scan showed that the tumors were responding and have shrunk significantly. However during the 4th treatment he developed Neuropathy and had to stop the Cysplaistin and started Tarceva for the past month.

Needless to say it has all been downhill from there. The tumors are not responding to the Tarceva. He has developed fluid around the heart and all the tumors have gotten bigger spreading to more lymph nodes on the lungs and to the lower abdomen. The doctors have told me expect less than one year.

My question is should I be taking their word for it or should I be doing something else. Possibly a second opinion.. I kind of feel helpless right now. Any suggestions or hope would be very helpful.


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Hi and welcome. Your dad's cancer does sound pretty advanced and I am in no position to give you advice except to wish you all the best. If you are going to always wonder if you should have pursued a second opinion, then why not talk to your family doc and see what he/she says. I am sure it never hurts to have another specialist look at his scans.

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My father was just released from the hospital with instructions to follow up with 4 different drs. well needless to say all the appointment are weeks away while my father just sits and gets worse. any suggestions

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