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A little good news

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Our local Toronto newspaper had an article in yesterday's newspaper. They have been publishing articles on cancer - people living with it, who have recovered, etc, as it is Cancer Month. This article talked generally about cancer + said how dramatically our chances for longer term survival go up when we reach 1 year since diagnosis, 2 years since diagnosis, etc. I don't like quoting stats, but it was sort of like when you are diagnosed with cancer your chances of surviving 5 years were x, if you made it to 1 year, your chances of surviving to 5 years were 2x + if you were alive after 2 years the chances of making it to 5 years are 4x. I know this lumps all cancers together, etc, but it is a different way of looking at things + I for one was hopeful to see this is being looked at this way, as I just passed my 2 year mark since diagnosis.

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tina dasilva
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Thanks Anne . For posting it for us . It sure gives us more hope hugs Tina

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hugs dear Anne! like to read something positive !.
TAke care enjoy the turkey! lol.

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