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Liver Cancer Hope

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If anyone would have told me I would feel as good as I do today or would be still alive to see my 42nd Birthday in a couple of months, I probably wouldn't have believed it back in 09. Oct of 2009 I was diagnosed with a tumor approximately 9 cm on the left lobe of my liver. I had the left lobe resected. The removed tissue revealed that it was Hepatocellular Carcinoma. The wonderful surgeon said the borders were well defined and he felt like they had removed it all. He also suggested I be put on Nexavar for a year to further reduce chances of recurrence. I finished Nexavar in December of 2010. I am in the fourth month after chemo and work approximately 50 hours per week. I would just like to give hope to people who first get diagnosed. It can be very scary and you might feel all alone, but believe me, you are not. I thank God everyday for the extra blessings he has given me. If my visit to my onocologist reveals bad news I am still lucky I've had the fortunate opportunity to tell family and friends how much I love them. Statistics don't always show the facts and everyone's case is so different don't read that stuff too much. I have several wonderful friends I have met through facebook, this site and other cancer sites that will be life long friends. All of us lean on each other for support. It doesn't matter if you have the disease or are a caregiver...we all need the support from one other.
Take care and I just wanted to post a positive message.
Life is good!

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I'm so happy for you!! It's wonderful to hear positive things. Everybody needs an extra glimmer of HOPE. You Take Care!!!


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Hi Cherie,
So good to see you on this website page!!! Glad to hear you are doing so well!!

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You said you finished Nexavar. Why is that. Are you now cancer free? My husband is taking Nexavar so I am just wondering why you would stop. Thanks.

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