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my CEA

lisa42 Member Posts: 3,625

Well, I had hoped to be posting that the CEA went down, but it didn't. It was last checked 5 wks ago (the week of my scan) and it was 239 then. I just had it drawn right before chemo on Tuesday & when I went to get my 5FU pump unhooked and get my neulasta shot, I found out that it has gone up to 295 in the 5 weeks- so that's up 56 points in 5 weeks.
It has been an up down up down pattern lately & even though 239 last time is still high, that was actually slightly down from where it had been the previous time. So since last time it was down, I was worried it'd continue the pattern and be up this time & it was. Maybe if the pattern continues, it will be down again next time.
But not enough! I need it to start going down down down!

I honestly don't know what else I can possibly do. I've been doing the cleanses, altered my diet, have been taking numerous supplements. When I started all this 3 months ago, that was when my CEA really dropped & I was thrilled, but it didn't last.
My red blood cell count was awesome this last week & I attribute the diet and supplements to that- I just wish it would start knocking those damn cancer cells!

One of the next steps my naturopathic dr wanted me to do, which I have not yet done, is do some intensive sauna detox treatment- like 5 days/week for off and on the full day- he found my system to have pesticides and heavy metals & he told me then that I need to get these toxins out of me (supposedly, according to him, nickel is a known cancer causing agent & I had a high amount of nickel in me). Well, maybe that will be my next step.

We shall see... I'm going to meet w/ the ND next week and I'll discuss it w/ him.

Well, moving on- I've got someone coming to look at our last shih tzu puppy for sale in about a 1/2 hr, so gotta go get the puppy pen all ready and clean.

Hugs everyone,