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Off Topic.....Loster than last years Easter egg...

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going round in circles today not getting much accomplished...Surgery Monday for wife and I have to go back to work in the morning...Nothing getting done...feel like I'm stalemated...Im gonna just quit for the day and call it a wash...finish my ice cream and go outside. I just wanna lay down and go to sleep, to much to do for that, someday...someday.........buzz

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Aww Buzz I wish I could help you with some of the things you need to get done. Maybe a little cat nap would do the trick.

Hugs to you, Gail

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The best thing you can do is take everything off the list that doesn't HAVE to get done right now, then see if you and enlist any helpers for what remains.

There are days when our brain just says too much happening and some sleep is all that will do.

Wishing your wife an easy time with her surgery on Monday. Please keep us posted on how it goes.

In the mean time, get some chocolate easter bunnies, and get an endorphine fix. Don't forget to start eating at the ears!


Marie who loves kitties

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Cute avatar, Marie!

Posts: 3692
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Buzz, you have very ambitious plans, with a lot on your plate. I hope you can relax, and please wish your wife well with her surgery.

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Sorry too far for give you a hand despite I wish!.
Good luck ,good vibes!

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Is that you smell better.


This too shall pass brother.

All my best to you and yours.

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Hi, Buzz, I don't know you that well yet. But my guess is, if I wrote that, you would say this to me.
Judy, you are not listening to your body. Its telling you that you need to rest.
You need to prioritze what needs to be done, the rest can wait. You are worried about your "wifes" operation and are still reeling from the loss of friends. So give yourself a break, and rest physically and emotionally. "Your "wife" is going to need you."
Am I right : )
Also, just a note of warning. Make sure your wife washes with a antisceptic soap befor she goes to bed and when she gets up. (just in cas they did not tell you that.
Prayers for a successfull operation and a lovely weekend.

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Hi Clift,

I didn't hear about the wife's upcoming surgery- hope nothing is serious.
Rest up, as she will probably need a lot of your help when she comes home.
Happy Easter to you!


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We do have antiseptic wash for just before surgery and will assure that gets done...Lisa, She has 2 herniated disks at L-5 and L-4? They are going in frontal to place 2 spacers( they call them cages) to separate the rubbing bone and they said one hour for this...A general surgeon will open her and move the internals aside then the neurosurgeon will place the 2 spacers along with a blood and bone dust(collected from her own bone sours) and make a paste to which will be inserted into the empty disk area. This will eventually harden to form a protection and also hold the spacers in.Then, 2 weeks later (May 9th) she will go back in for a two hour surgery that will entail her neurosurgeon going in through the back and placing two sets of rods onto her backbone to keep the vertebrae separated. That should be all of it with a slow healing process. This has been a constant for the last 3 months. She gets up about an hour each day then has to get back on the bed. Shes just 37...you can understand how this is affecting us. and I can't find anyone that wants to work for a while here...Its almost done though, her brother is coming over from Heidelburg Germany May 2 to stay until May 25th...That will be a Godsend for all of us. It will be ok, I do finally see some letting up, maybe..LOL.....OK, enough for now, gotta get in bed....night all, buzz

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Some days we feel we don't get nothing done no matter how hard we try and then feel we've worked hard all day for nothing. Hoping that you at least enjoyed your ice cream. Praying that surgery goes well for wife on Monday. Keep us posted.

Hugs! Kim

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Hey Buzz,

I know its hard to just let things lay and to join them in a rest, but pushing yourself every day to do more than your body has the energy for is not helpful to your body's needs...I'm often guilty of pushing myself too hard and have only lately begun to take an afternoon nap when I'm extra tired. Really, taking 30-60 minutes for a nap doesn't lose that much time from the day and being refreshed from a nap sometimes helps me to get more done afterwards than I would have otherwise.

Sounds great that you have family coming to help you in the coming weeks while your wife is recuperating...I hope her surgery goes swell and she's better than ever soon!


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Hope you're feeling better today.

That's a whale of surgery you wife is having. I hope everything goes well and that you will be able to take good care of her.
Glad her brother will be around to help.

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Hey, Buzz.

I'm praying your wife's surgery will go really well, and that you'll do fine with all the extra stuff to do. I am a big old baby when Bill is sick. I feel like my life is all out of synch.


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