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better bra for double mastectomy???

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Does anyone have suggestions for a more comfortable bra (maybe postural criss cross type) to reduce strain on the shoulders and axillary areas?

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Ah, the never ending search for a more comfortable bra...now complicated by mastectomy.

Each of us are so different, it's hard to make a general recommendation. Do you have prosthesis? reconstruction? What about your current bra is bothering you? How long ago was your mastectomy? Since I don't have any of these answers, I would recommend you work with an experienced fitter, try and find someone who has lots of practice working with mastectomy fittings.

You might also try putting "bra" in the search box on this page. I know there have been other posts discussing this, it might take a little work to find them. But you might find some specific recommendations.

Good luck with your search, and I hope you find the right bra.



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I went to several places to find that "perfect bra" and I finally found a lady at Copeland prostheses in Tampa that has helped me out very well... I must have tried on 30 bras but did find 5 that I think I like.. I had went to another place and was fitted but I dont like the way the feel after awhile so like Linda said we are all different and be patient and you will find something! Hugs :) Robbin

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I have had the same struggle with bras and no bras to wear. I had the reconstruction too.
No matter what, bras just do not fit right nor comfortable. I have just quit trying to wear any including the sport bras.
It sounds like one has to go to a special type of provider to get a good fitting and makes person feel all right and comfortable. May be clothes would fit better too. It is hard to find clothes to fit good when there is so much spandex and tight styles. Oh well.
I shall continue and work on the search.

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