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having trouble getting in

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I had my second thyroidectomy April 6 and my doc did not suggest seeing an Endo until after the surgery. Now I am having trouble getting in to see one before the end of June. Maybe it's just me but I would think it is important to get the RAI done before that. Am I being paranoid or should I be pushing the issue?

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I would ask her or him to recommend a different endocrinologist that can see you sooner. It's best if they monitor you and get to know you.....

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Call the office and ask to be put on the cancellation list. Leave a message for the Endocrinologist explaining your concerns and let the office staff know that you want to be put on the list as a top priority. You may need to be ready at a moments notice to go, but I know first hand that patients cancel appointments on a daily basis and they all have a list of people that need to get in sooner. I do this for my patients all the time. Sometimes it is harder as a new patient, but it can be done. Also your surgeon may be able to call as well and talk directly to the Endocrinologist to get you scheduled in sooner. They often can double book you with a patient that is only there for a quick follow up appointment.

No, you are not being paranoid because once you see the Endo it will take some time to get scheduled with Nuclear Medicine and you need to get this ball rolling as your RAI should be done about six weeks after your surgery.

Good luck and blessings to you,

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If the endo you're trying to see is affiliated with a hospital and the scheduling is done through the hospital, bypass those people and go directly to the endo's secretary {or patient coordinator or whatever.} They usually hold a slot or two open every week for emergency needs, like yours.

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looking back at my story...

2nd surgery was March 8 2010 and within 1 month i was with my endo. and it wasn’t till May 5th 2010 that i got RAI so 2 + months is probably long...

realize that its going to be at least 2 weeks after you see your endo before you go through RAI treatment cause they will want you on the low iodine diet for at least 2 weeks.

not to mention after you get to your endo you still have to go through all the setups with Nuclear medicine so that’s another few days at best.


Another option you might have is a phone consultation. if I have questions for my doctor(s) I can normally call the Dr. office and talk to the receptionist and have her take my questions she then gives them to the doc who then will take however much time needed to answer them (I normally get a response from the doc within 48 hours).

so even if you cannot get an appointment with your endo for 2+ months you might be able to have him/her set in motion the referrals to nuclear medicine and get them set up so they can do all the pre RAI stuff including getting you on the LID and maybe get your RAI within days of seeing your endo.

depending on your work schedule you might also be able to do as was stated previously and get a cancelation or maybe a walk-in. you might not get the full time and or attention you would on a regularly scheduled appointment but if you can make the connection and get on to the next steps it might help


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I don't know what I'd do without you guys. Thanks a million!

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