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a little hopeful news in the midst of the abysss

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as many of you know, i had one round of carbo/gemzar, then got the blockage, then surgery, now recovering. i had a ca 125 a few days ago, and it is down from 397 to 143, which is good considering i just had the one round, and speaks to the efficacy of this combination. now i only hope i can tolerate it, but i don't expect another block at this point. we take our good news where we can find it......

many thank yous for your kind comments on my photo: my girlfriend used to be a dog goomer for awhile and trimmed my hair, so it's shorter and fluffier now, but , much the same, fortunately curly hair is very forgiving.


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Hi Maggie,

I was so happy to hear that you had significant drop in your CA125 after just one treatment. It sounds like you are on the right medication for you! YIPPEE! How long does your Dr. want you to go between surgery and resuming the Carbo/Gemzar?

Also, I had never heard of laying down some material to prevent adhesions in the future. Maybe I better go back and check that post as I may be totally mixed up on that (and that is nothing new with my noggin these days!)

Best wishes.....in sisterhood!


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Great news on that drop in ca125 - with just one cycle! SOunds like this combo is going to do the job for you.
Continue on your healing path so you can get back to the treatment.

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Wow, Maggie. That's a huge drop in CA-125 for just one treatment! I hope that the healing from your surgery is quick and that further cycles of this chemo combination put you into a LONG remission.

I LOVE your picture and hairdo. Maybe I should go to my local dog groomer for my next haircut?



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thanks for your comments; always good to get encouraging news from the docs and from my sisters. karen, the substance the doctor put down where the adhesions were was some kind of netting that stuck. sorry don't know more, only heard it in a daze, but can find out more later. probably won't have chemo for another 4 weeks, at least.

yes, dog groomers are the best haircutters, and a lot less expensive for people, that is.


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That is terrific news, pretty lady. I hope it is smooth sailing from now on.

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That is good news on your CA125 with just one treatment. So sorry you had to get a blockage. You should be good to go with the rest of your treatments without any hitch.

You make me laugh! With regard to your girlfriend who cut your hair who used to be a dog groomer. Hey, if I'm ever in a jam, I'll look up my local groomer!

My best to you on your upcoming treatments. Enjoy your holiday this week.


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Double Whammy
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Actually, both about the surgery and the drop in CA-125. Hope you get back on chemo soon and continue to drop those numbers.


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Your hair looks FAB-u-lous! There's just nothing like the look of thick curly hair, wild and natural and full of life: really works with that big smile and the attitude shining in your eyes!

Sounds like you are on the right combo. I hate that you had to have additional surgery, but that's over and I know you've shrug it off and are focused on the prize. Thanks for sharing this great news, Maggie!

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Yup the chemo is working. Keep going!


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Maggie, I happy about your encouraging news!!! You are obviously on the right path..

Love and prayers to you, Mary Ann

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Maggie keep up the good fight, strong lady. Just checking in after a long absence taking care of my husband that passed away in Jan. Happy to hear things are looking up for you.

Blessings to you!

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i'm so sorry to hear that your husband passed away in january. my condolences, and hoping your doing ok. to lose a spouse can be such a loss. i haven't been on board too much lately, so missed any earlier posts you may have put up re: your husband. i'm hoping you have a lot of support. i know you'll get through it, but it's often a loss that you don't really ever get over. that's where the support come in--here and elsewhere.


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Sorry I missed your good news when it was posted (had been offline for a few weeks), but agree with everyone that this is terrific news. And I too LOVE your hair; mine even before chemo was fine and straight; have always wanted body and curls! You look vibrant. Bask in the good news and strengthen your immune system!


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