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Plan is to pick up where I left off

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Had a lengthy discussion with gyn-onc regarding new issues (spike in ca125 and positive PET/CT). Bottom line is I will restart Gemzar at previous dose/schedule. It worked before so we try that route first to see response. He considers me to have tried many chemo agents as he actually counts my '93 breast cancer chemo drugs and I did an odd combo of 4 drugs total back then - I've just been counting my more current treatments. Nevertheless, he does not think there is a shortage of options that we can try. Since no major organs are involved at this time, he is on the 'keep it simple' strategy. I saw a resident before he came in (I'm at a teaching hospital/clinic). She said second debulking surgery is only pursued if it seems feasible to remove all sites of activity and not just partial. Mine are all in lymph nodes but in several areas, so systemic treatment continues to be best route.

Just to add to 'my one from Column A' (Breast ca), 'one from Column B' (UPSC) list of cancers, I also have 'one from Column C,' a Basal Cell carcinoma on my arm and excisional biopsy did not get clean margins. Gyn-Onc prefers I go forward with scheduled excision and recovery time prior to restarting chemo. So I have another month to wrap up all my little chores before hitting the Infusion Center again.

He was also reassuring in that he believes I made right decision in January to take a chemo break as there was no sign of cancer to treat with normal ca125 and clean PET/CT, which was also clean in Aug '10. He had offered continuing Gemzar as maintenance as he could argue it as an appropriate treatment option.

His bottom-line approach is a cure is unlikely ever but it is simply a matter of controlling and as we all know everyone's case is unique and managed as such. So that's it for now. I'm much less stressed. Will continue with my anti-cancer ways, stay positive, and find joy in every day!
Stay well my friends, Annie

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Your post seems very positive from both you and your doc. It's nice to hear reassuring things from your doctor. I would think a teaching hospital would be a great place to get treatment since they should be up on all new ideas, etc.

Your attitude about staying on track with all your positive things - diet, etc.- and not going into worry mode is wonderful.

Enjoy Spring.... Fondly, Mary Ann

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Mary Ann,
Thank you for promoting the Simonton book Getting Well Again. My late husband got it for me back in the 90s when I was battling breast cancer. In the stress and difficultness of those times (well duh!) I barely glanced at (not the best way to get help). Well I replaced that long lost copy and have been utilizing many of the techniques he promotes. Even my late husband incorporated much of it as he battled his own health issues. Unusual for a neurologist in those days, he was very much into holistic treatments promoting use of biofeedback, as well as use of hypnotic states to aid his patients in pain management - this was back in late 70s and 80s. We even used those techniques to get me thru natural childbirth. I had forgotten about it over the years and so glad you brought it back.
Hope all is continuing well for you.

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I'm sure the Gemzar will knock it back again - here's hoping. As you say, it's about keeping it under control and we are all different - whether it's second dubulking, systemic treatment or whatever. But it's great to hear each person's individual treatment pathways, because we can all learn about possibilities which could help us.
Keeping everything crossed for you
Kindest wishes

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You are a real trooper! Sorry about your new "issues", but you have a great positive approach. I am glad you are less stressed. I will pray that your treatments will keep everything under control.

Sending hugs your way.


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Double Whammy
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You have really been through a lot since 1993, haven't you? And now the basal cell thing. I think it's wonderful how well you've responded to treatments and hope they will continue to do their job. That break was probably good for your overall health and makes you stronger for the next rounds of Gezmar.

Best wishes,


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Thank you for sharing this plan with us. I always learn so much from you; and your spirit always lifts me.


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Glad you find value in "THE BOOK"!! Your husband was ahead of his time for sure!! These things won't hurt and may very well help as you mentioned.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you journey on...

God bless, Mary Ann

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