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RIP ,MSCCOLON ( Mary Scofield)

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Seen it on her FB.
Rest in peace Mary ,no more pain.
I'll miss you.

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Mary was such a sweet lady, fought this disease for several years and was so very kind to everyone. I am sorry she is now gone. I will remember her fondly.

With deepest sympathy -

George and Tina

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I would like to send my sincerest sympathies to Mary's family. I am so sorry she is gone, and I will miss her. Mary conducted herself with such grace, intelligence and kindness. I know she had deep love for her family, and although her recent avatar was beautiful, her previous one with her grandaughter in the big sunglasses used to crack me up everytime I saw it.

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for any question I had. She was a dignified lady that always knew where she was with every move of her treatment as well as her life. I will miss her knowing that she always said what was on her mind, and was always done with elegance and taste...She will be missed very much, its a sad day for CSN. Its a sad day for all of us........Love to you Mary, .........Clift

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Oh dear, such a sad day for us all. Mary was such a sweet lovely lady, my condolences to her friends and family. Such a terrible loss... With sympathy, Cynthia and Rick

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Posts: 1458
Joined: Apr 2010

Oh dear, such a sad day for us all. Mary was such a sweet lovely lady, my condolences to her friends and family. Such a terrible loss... With sympathy, Cynthia and Rick

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Joined: Sep 2009

I am very saddened by this news, so many lately I can't deal with it today :(

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We've lost a member of the "long term fighting group." Mary fought for six years, so the news that she was in hospice and has now passed on, made me do alot of thinking about the fights we are in and the length of time in those battles.

My sincerest condolences to her family during this most difficult time and I'm very sorry that all of this came to pass.


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Indeed a sad day on the boards. My condolences to the family. We will miss you Mary!


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May she rest in peace,her fight is over.I will miss her,and her great advice.My condolences to her family,we lost a wonderfull person.

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I hate to read this. She was a lovely person and will be missed.


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Please, Lord, no more!

Mary was such a bright spot on this network. I am speechless and reeling from the pain...

Hugs, Kathi

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Sweet Mary will be missed.

Condolances to her family.

She is now at peace.

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I am so sad to read this. My prayers and thoughts are with Marys family. I wish I had known her better, she was so sweet to me, I feel lucky to have known her the little that I did.
I am so sorry...

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Im just soo sad by losing these wonderful people. So close together. Mary you were wonderful to me and I'm so grateful to have known you here. Peace be with you and your family.


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I will miss Mscolon. She fought this beast with such courage and grace.
Rest easy Mary.

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Mary was a woman of grace and very kind words. My prayers are with her family. Such a wonderful and special lady. She had such strength as well. I'll miss you Mary.

I am deeply saddened today.


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Nana b
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Yes, too many deaths this week, this month, this year!

Mary, greatly saddened by your loss. Thank you for your kindness!

I'll miss you!

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Ahh, she was so sweet and caring and classy. I shall miss our Mary very much. She had a true kindness about her. Rest in peace dear, you brought us joy here, and I'm sure where ever the afterlife is, you're sure to bring it joy there as well.
Winter Marie

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I will miss her sense of humour,she was one cool lady. Hugs to her family and friends,Ron.

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I'm very very upset =(

I simply cannot handle this kind of bad news especially I know she had been fighting this for so long!

I hope Mary will rest in peace and please send my sincere condolences to her family!
Lots of love

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love pete

ps you will have a few wonderful csn friends like kerry and john to keep you company. watch over us and can you ask god to hlep the researchers and scientists find the cure.

Anonymous user (not verified)

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tina dasilva
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R.I.P Mary Tina

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may you rest in peace now.you wont have to worry about fighting this beast any more.you were here fighting before me and always had kind words to say.my prayers go out to your family....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Please, dear Lord, give us the strength to carry on as we continue to receive such sad news about members of our CSN family. Carry them gently home and surround those they have left behind with love and peace.

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marjans daughter
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My sincere condolences to her family here and at home.

Posts: 217
Joined: Apr 2010

prayers to all. Pat

Posts: 217
Joined: Apr 2010

prayers to all. Pat

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Posts: 242
Joined: Jun 2008

My heart is breaking. When my mom was diagnosed in Nov. 07, mary was one of the first people to reach out to me. She always answered my posts, then later would check in with me on facebook. She had such kind words and encouragement for me when my mom passed in Aug 10. RIP Mary. I hate this D^&* disease.

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Rest in peace Mary. She was one of many who helped me threw angels sickness.


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I was too surprised and sad to reply when I first saw this. I wrote out a list yesterday of all I could think of off the top of my head as to who has passed away in the past year or two. It was staggering just to look down my list & I'm sure I probably forgot a few too. I just will focus on the people who have had good news and have become NED.

Mary will be missed- she truly seemed to be a good person.

Blessings in the afterlife, Mary-

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oh man....I just checked in and I can hardly believe it. I too knew Mary had gone into hospice but I just did not expect this so soon.

Mary was sweet, gentle and funny. She always seemed to think of others before herself.....she has been there every step of the way with me in my fight.

I love you Mary....I really do....

I send all the very best to your family.....

gosh.....Mary....I will miss you so much.


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I will miss you Mary. Your kindness will not be forgotten.

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She gave a good fight and was always so kind on this board. May God be with her and her family at this time. Glad they were there for her.


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