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dad and advanced mestasticied prostate cancer

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My dad is 74 and this is the order of events. Prostate cancer removal in 2005 radiation there after. cancerfree until 200p found out that ther cancer spread to the bones in two spots. Had readitation in should because cancer had lodged there. That was sucessful.2009 had orchioctomy in Novemember. Dad moved in July of 2010 to live near one of us kids. Had a bone scan when he got moved and they said there were spots all over now and pout himon casodex. 2010 and 2011 had a dull ache in his rib byt they said it was nothing. january 2011 he had problem s with eating adn vomiting etc and had pain in his side. They did a bone scan and organ scan and said he was passing gallstones.march 22 he had a gallbladder removal and after still aches on his side and lost weight and cannot eat too much. He also has swelling on his back from the shoulder blade down that has gotten wider, He sees his oncologist may 3 and is seeing a pain managment person . He is tried too. I think my dad is going thorugh the end stages now. Is he? I am up here indeeinftely .

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Sorry to hear of your father's troubles. From what you've described it sounds like your father is suffering from advanced stages of prostate cancer as well as some other medical issues that may or may not be related. It is good that he is now near some of the children who can help him.

It's impossible to speculate whether or not this is the end stage or not. Many men live several years in this stage. I think you're purusing the right course in working on pain management. You may want to discuss hospice care with him and your siblings and his medical team.

Best of luck to all of you.


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