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Esophageal scaring from "the big drink/I-131" anyone?

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Joined: Feb 2010

I was wondering if anyone here had the I-131 radioiodine "drink" and it left scaring in there esophagus?
Any info would be appreciated!

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um dont know why it would

the drink is normaly less than a glass of water and its basicaly is water it self.

never heard of it scaring... they also can do it in a pill form.

but remember iodine is water soluable.

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Joined: Feb 2010

Well, I found out the scarring is probably from the hiatus hernia...

Linda Jo
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Hi MoMomsa,

My thyroid was removed in Feb. 2010 and I continued to have "pressure" (feeling as if someone is pushing on my throat)for about a year. I think it's scarring from the thyroidectomy. It's back again and I can't figure out why. Are you experiencing pressure?

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