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angelsbaby..... Michelle

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Hey Michelle,

I know this has been a very hard week for you as Saturday marked 2 years since you lost the love of your life. I just want to say thank you for staying with your family here on the boards. I said a special prayer for you and Angel on Saturday. Love and hugs to you my friend!


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Paula G.
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Wow Michelle, Has it been two years? Gee I guess thinking back it has. I hope you are doing okay. It will be four months the end of this month for me loosing my John. It has been very hard at times. Yes my love and hugs to you also.

Jennie thanks for this post

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of u are amazing always checking on me i need that. It was hard saturday i got the ballons and flowers my grandaughter haley came with bubba didn't want to and that was ok. we let each ballon go and they seem to all go in the same direction haley thought that grandpa did that. I cried alot at the cemetary but i am ok . Love u both


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Hugs to you Michelle,

I thought of you this week too. I didn't know it was the two year mark for Angel, but I was just thinking how hard it must be for you to be reminded of his death each time someone else on CSN passes away. It's shocking for me to think and realize how many have passed since I've been on this board.

Hugs my dear-

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You are a very strong woman. It has only been 9 months for me, but I learn a little each day. Our lives go on but they always live on in our hearts

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This sounds like a beautiful and powerful way to mark the sad occasion.
I also appreciate you staying with us. I know it must be hard sometimes, but your support means a lot.
Be happy.

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Michelle i send my love

i will never forget those times with Angel....

I too thank you so much for staying with us....

thank you Michelle with love


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That must have been a difficult day for you. You celebrated his life beautifully with your grandaughter + the ballooons. I so appreciate how you support us here. Take good care of yourself.

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its been a difficult day for all of us as we remember those lost, we will keep you and Angel in our thoughts as well in remembering those we love so dearly gone in body but not in spirit and soul....Love to you, Clift

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When I came here to find support for dealing with my husbands cancer...I read of you and Angel...you reminded me so much of us in that you had such a great love for him as I had for my husband. I look to you still for your strength and endurance. Frank has just been gone 5 months and it is so very hard but I know I can make it because I know that you have made it two years and counting. We both know how very hard each day is and the lost never goes away and neither does our love for our men. Know that I continue to keep you in my prayers. A day at a time..sometimes just a minute at a time but we will go on if for no other reason than Angel and Frank showed such strength and courage to the end and we must do the same. Love you,

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i cant believe its been 2 years.thanks for sticking with us.you and angel are always in my thoughts.....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Michelle, I am honored to call you my friend!

Hugs, Kathi

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All you mean so much to me . have a wonderful day love u all


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I had just been on the board 3 months when you lost Angel. Your love for him is so everlasting. Thank you for staying with us. Thank you for sharing your sorrow and your strength. You, and the others, show us that life does go on, even when we mourn. You are a dear spirit Michelle.


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