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horse serum

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Well I finally went in for the horsey juice, which the clinical name is Atgam. I went in on Tuesday, I had 4 daily 8 hour treatments, plus 2 more blood transfusions, 4 more platelette infusions. I got out Saturaday, but while I was in there I had rectal bleeding, so they called in the doc who did my hemmy surgery...which was almost a year ago. He said to try Desitin, since nothing else seems to be working. It's helped a little. They left the PICC line in cuz I go to my oncologist on Wednesday, and just in case I need more blood. I am taking Cyclosporine 2 x per day, which are the biggest pills I've ever seen in my life, and they make me sick as a dog. I know it's got to get better one of these days, but when? I'm so sick of being sick. I haven't worked in 11 months, even tho I try to clean house, it just takes it out of me. I signed up for cleaningforareason, but that also takes time to set up. Can anyone give me some hope here? My husband has actually been trying to help, but between working and running me to docs appts, he's getting exhausted. Melodie

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