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doctor's visit today

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saw the doctor today and all she sees is a 6 week set back of rest and recovery from surgery, then back to the trenches. she doubts
seriously that there should be anymore bowel obstruction given the removal of the adhesions and the tape put down to discourage its growth. she's still quite confident in cqrbo/gemzar, and if for some reason i can't tolerate it, on to something else. it was an upbeat session; mostly she was thrilled that they opened me up and no new cancer. her fear, not mine, but of course we're happy too.

so back to resting and relaxing--who knew that could be so boring? i'm pretty much caught up on paper work, etc..........it's the low energy that is the worst, even though that's is improving.

hope all is well, my sisters

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Love your new photo - you look young and full of energy :-)

That was great news in not finding any cancer during your surgery -- that must be quite reassuring. Is your recurrence not in the abdominal cavity? At least with no obvious finding, the R & R from surgery can continue before you re-up with chemo.

I hope you are resting but including some physical activity to rebuild your stamina.

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I am with Annie your new photo is terrific. You as if you can conquer anything. I hope you are taking it easy with lots of time to relax and take care of yourself.
It is time to rebuild.Keep up your good work!!

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I am glad you are recovering well. Took me a while to give myself permisson to take naps and rest. I think one of my doctors, can't remember which one, said that it takes the body months to recover from surgery. Nap away, my friend. Soon you will be back to the poker tables tearing them up....So very glad your surgery showed no more evidence of cancer...that is super news.

The very best of wishes for you. Norma

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I too love the new photo! Happy for you too about your news. So just sit back and relax. Isn't funny how when we are working and busy we would just love to have five minutes to rest, watch a movie, etc. And when we have it, it is BORING! lol. My best to you, Maggie. Enjoy your holiday!


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I too like your new photo. You do look full of energy and able to conquer anything.
Enjoy your restful times. Hope you will be able to tolerate the Carbo/Gemzar when you restart it. I pray those adhesions will stay away. Hopefully you can enjoy spring. In peace and caring.

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Hi Maggie....that is certainly an "I CAN DO" photo...I love it!

Am so happy that you are recovering well from your unexpected surgery. And although that was a bummer, at least there were no signs of cancer and that is certainly good news!!

Yes, I agree that all of the "resting" can also get very boring! But enjoy the rest and work to gradually get your strength back.

Big hugs to you!!


Cindy Bear
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That is great Maggie. I love the new photo too.. hang in there and rest and relax...and do some online shopping.. retail therapy!!!

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Glad the appt went so positively....

Hope the recovery is coming along...stay in touch!


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on photo and positive news. I wish you much rest and rejuvenation. Some light exercise will surely help all around. I'm glad all is well.

Love, Mary Ann

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