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A day in the life...

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Woke up
Got out of bed
Dragged a comb across my head

Made it to a meeting at work, and then drove to the other city to the hospital...and walked in on the nurses giving my wife a bath (she had surgery for urethral cancer on Tues Apr 12) [Hey babe, did I say you look great today?]

So I left and got some lunch...then came back and we met with the ostomy team [Did I say I loved you?]

Followed by the physical therapist, the lab, the nurse taking vitals and delivering pain meds, the other nurse to clean the wounds and change the bandages....[Did I tell you I cannot wait till you get home?]

Now it's 6pm, traffic has thinned and I'm going home...to the cat...who is still happy to see me (I think). [I will call you later, for sure, hon...sweet dreams]

I miss you...


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It was so hard when Pat was in the hospital. I wanted him home so bad. Your lovely lady will be home before you know it. Just hard when you're in the middle of things.

Keeping you in my happy thoughts,

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So sorry you're going through this with your wife. Just want to tell you to just keep letting her know how much you love her and you'll be there for her. I never heard of that kind of cancer, but after coming to this site, there are so many kinds that I never heard of. I understand what your going through although my husband never was in the hospital. He was always so healthy and fit and was diagnosed in January of 2010 with Lung cancer. I won't go into details, but I lost him in March, 2010. But those 2 months were so hard just watching him go through the radiation and not feeling well. The chemo (one of them) is what killed him after only one treatment. It was such a quick, horrible, death that I never even got to say Goodbye to him. But I did tell him everyday how much I loved him.
Be strong for your wife. You didn't say if you had kids or not, but I know I could never have gotten through this without mine. And also the friends I've made on this site helped me make it through with all their support. People can try, but unless they've gone through being a caregiver, they don't have a clue as to how hard it is.
Take care & remember to come here for our support!!! Carole

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Hang in there. You are doing all the right things. Somehow love gets us through and helps us do whatever we have to do. Fay

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Thank you, all, for replying to me. It was a long day yesterday and sometimes it seems like we have to start over doing the things that we used to take so for granted...things like getting out of bed, using the restroom, and just sitting up. And sometimes she gets frustrated and I feel like I am in the way. But we will go on, taking every day as it comes and I am just so glad she made it thru the really long surgery and came out of the anesthesia, the levels of pain, and has the desire now to get up and try. The nurses and nurses aides are fantastic and so dedicated, each and every one of them.

Thanks again. Just opening this up and seeing that all of you replied made my evening (I just got back from the hospital a little while ago!)


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Tina Blondek
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Hello Con
Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and your wife today. Prayers are being said for her recovery. Praise the Lord for all of our drs. nurses, surgeons, and hospitals! You are doing a great job Con, keep it up. As Willy Nelson sings....You are Always on My Mind...:)
Tina in Va

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I appreciate so much the kind words. I will keep doing my best as all these days move forward...spring into summer....summer into fall....and on and on.


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