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Age 30? Colon cancer? What????

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I'm very happy to be here but I'm very frustrated with life right now. I have 3 beautiful children, 11, 3 & 2 years old. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer and it blind sided me. I went to the ER because I kept vomiting and the last thing I thought it could be was any kind of cancer. I'm trying to stay strong but I get sad a lot. I have not started any treatments as of yet however while in the hospital surgery was performed but the Dr said he could not remove it. The strange thing about that is right after surgery the surgeon said he couldn't remove "all" of it, then the next day he said he couldn't remove "any" of it.

I am going to a different cancer clinic next week for a 2nd opinion before I begin any treatments. To all others out there with cancer, lets try to stay strong and no matter what we have to put ourselves first at this time to help us make it through this. Do what you need to do and don't be afraid or feel like a burden. Ask friends & family to help you w/ whatever you need help with. Call around and find out if you qualify for pca or nurses to come to your home to help you.

Just do what it takes to take care of yourself as I am and stay strong ladies & gentlemen. I am kind of scared but not scared enough to give up. Any support and/or resources would be greatly appreciated.

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No one????? Geeeeeeez.

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Feel so sorry for your dx .what stage are you?.If can't remove it what's your onc/surgeon plan?.
Did he mention why he cut not remove the tumor ?.Where have you been operated?.
I think is a wise decision to get a second opinion ,let us know about it!
Have a big Hug from Barcelona .

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Please know that you are not alone. I saw your post but I lurk more than respond. Anyways two years ago I was 27 and told I had stage IV rectal cancer. It was alot to take in so I can relate to what you are going through. Please know that this site is full of good people that are very informative, encouraging and supportive. A lot will give out advice and help you answer any questions that may come along. Im here to if you need/want to talk:) -Melissa

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Hi IL,
Sorry you have to be here. but you will find this forum a great comfort.
You'll have a lot more people praying for you now.
sending hugs your way,

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Welcome to our forum, although I am sorry you need to be here. I think you are doing a wise thing by getting a second opinion. Your children will help get you through this, + we will too. I hope you will find this forum helpful; I sure have.

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There are a few on the board in their 30's. I'm so sorry, you are way too young for this crap. My husband is the one with the cancer, Stage IV, mets to liver and lungs, diagnosed 3/09.

Did the docs tell you where your tumor is located? Although the chemo treatments are the same for colon and rectal, the surgery, radiation if applicable, is different depending on the location. If you can give us an idea of where the tumor is located, we can give you more specific medical experiences.

You asked for resources some good internet sites are: Colon Club, Colon Cancer Alliance, Colon Cancer Coalition, Ask.com.

Where are you going for your second opinion?

Right now take care and if you able, give us a little more info.

Hugs - Tina

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Sorry to hear about your dx. That sucks.
I'm in my 30's - which is code for I'm 39. I was dx'd at 37. I also have 3 kids age 5, 9, and 11. Like Melissa said - you are not alone.

You seem to be handling things well. You are wise to get a 2nd opinion. It's a good idea in any situation, but especially good with how you describe the surgeon. That doesn't sound good at all.

I'm wondering if you have had any scans yet and if you know what your stage is. I'm interested in knowing more about your dx.

In the meantime, take care.


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I'm just now checking in, so I didn't respond before, because I didn't see it yet. I'm sorry about your diagnosis. The statements you said came from your doctor are very confusing.


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Very confusing.

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Really confusing, if you were vomiting I would think that it was because of a blockage and the surgeon would have removed that and would have done a resection!!!

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IL 80, I know what you are going through. I was having some very serious insomnia, and the DR wanted to run some blood test before giving me sleeping pills. That is when they found out I was anemic. A week later they performed a Colonoscopy that found a tumor 1/2 cm from my rectum, and my entire colon was covered in polyps. I was 36 years old at the time with an 11 & 13 year old girls. When they told me the infamous words the surgeon also told me I had a year to live if I didn't do anything. I went through 6 weeks of Rad/Chemo at the same time then went to surgery 6 weeks after I finsihed that regiment, and then had to go on another 7 1/2 months of chemo. All of this happened between 9/06 and 9/07. Then last year I was re-diagnosed with a reoccurence. I just finished another round of radiation, and Chemo. I will be starting a life-time chemo treatment plan in late May. Now, I also have a permanent Ileostomy that can not be reversed. The way I look at things now is that I am ALIVE, and I know that GOD has a plan for me to talk to someone to give them some sort of hope that this can be beaten. You have 3 wonderful reasons to fight this darn disease, and that is what you need to focus on when fighting this. But, please make sure that you bring a notebook with every question that you can imagine when talking to these DR's. They might not know everything, but that doesn't mean that you can't know everything about your own situation.


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Go get the second opionion and then get another and another until you find out what is going on. Come back here with questions and you will get answers - there are alot of folks with amazing knowledge about this disease. Sorry you have to be here but we welcome you with open arms

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Welcome to the board. My husband was 35 when diagnosed with stage 4. I am sure you are in shock with the news. Get a second opinion. There are a lot of knowledgable people on this board that can share their experiences with you.

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I'm wondering when you first went to the hospital what they did to stop your vomiting. As someone already mentioned, that seems to have indicated a blockage which they usually operate on the blockage or remove that part of the colon. Did they say why they wouldn't operate?
I think it's good that you're getting a second opinion, but I worry if you take too long on getting started with some kind of treatment. what stage are you? I assume that a CT scan was done right away to see if the cancer has spread or not from it's original colorectal site.

With me personally when I was diagnosed, I was told I would not be having surgery because my cancer had already spread to my liver and both lungs. It was decided (especially since my rectal tumor was not creating a blockage) that I need chemo first to work on the liver and lung tumors. Those were apparently more dangerous to me than the rectal tumor & chemo would have to be put off for too long if I had surgery first (they normally wait 6 weeks after surgery to start any kind of chemo).

My diagnosis was in August 2007 and here I am 3 yrs, and almost 9 months later still kicking, still strong. I would love to say I am NED (the acronym for no evidence of disease), but that is not my case. I am "living with cancer", still hoping and working on getting rid of it! But, there are people on this board who have been stage IV and have become NED! Nanab is one, Scouty is another, & I know there are others that I can't think of off the top of my head at this moment.

I know firsthand how devastating it is too- I'm also a wife and a mom of three kids & want to be here for my kids as they grow, graduate from high school (I'll be seeing my oldest graduate this June), but I want to be there when they get married, have grandkids, etc. It's horrible to think that might not happen- but I will be doing all I can do to stick around!
Hang in there & don't be afraid to take control of your treatment. I went the first several months just solely listening to my oncologist without questioning much. Then I realized there were other things that my onc didn't know about & I started researching and seeking things out. I now am still in chemo, but also going to a naturopathic dr to incorporate cleanses, detoxes, and herbal supplements into my treatment to support my immune system with all the chemo I've had (over 3 yrs worth nonstop) and to hopefully work on those nasty cancer cells!

You can do this- we become very strong when we realize we have no other choice.
For me, I rely very strongly on my faith in Jesus Christ- He is my rock.

Hugs to you and please keep us informed as to how you're doing-

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You'll find this place to be very supportive if you stick around long enough. Have patience with the patients, yes?

I was also in my 30's when I had colon cancer. My sister was in her 20's. My youngest was 20 months old. My sister actually had a baby while she had cancer.

The lack of surgery/resection is highly curious. So is the fact that you haven't returned to your thread......hmmm.

Hope all turns out for the best for you.

peace, emily who is almost 10 years cancer free post surgery, having been Stage III sigmoid colon cancer.

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