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By personal request of Pepe...please read!

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Dear Friends,

There are some of you that we have not had an update on for a little while and you know how we get.

I started an earlier thread listing a few, and with responses got a few more names and then Pepe asked that I start one that was more encompassing.

So here it is...please all...let us know how you are doing!

Hugs to each and every one of you.

Marie who loves kitties

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you are great!LOL.

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hi marie and pepe and all our friends

I too wonder how our friends are going.
I hope they are ok.
Some friends leave us permanently like john .
Hopefully others leave us when they need us less and the demands of tteatment and
life take over.
I thank god when the lucky ones live well.
I am trying this myself.
To simply be here is enough. Its a great gift we have each day.
Love to our friends.

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Take care!

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I had a wonderful time in Mexico(would have stayed if it wasn't for my stupid cancer:)), but came back with a horrible cold. Started 5-fu last Monday and I am just starting to feel like myself again. I've been mostly lurking as I do not feel well (still fighting my cold and 5-fu is really rough on me) and I am deeply sadden by our current losses:( I think of you all of you no less than once a day and thank all of you that have been wondering about me too. :)Melissa

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what part of Mexico you been? .BtW. Nice new pic!
Hugs Melissa!

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I visited my husbands hometown, Los Lagos de San Juan and then we went to one of my favorites, Puerto Vallarta. It was so beautiful can't wait to go back:)

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Not sure that anyone remembers me or misses me, but I am still here. I have a scan begining of MaY, I am on site everyday. Just read mostly.


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avatar!LOL. Hope everything goes fine with the scan, praying for that!.
Hugs my friend!

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Many of the 'oldies but goodies' scan....I am just too much of a busy body to stay silent!! ROFLMAO!

Good vibes for your scan in May...please keep us posted!

LOVE the photo!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hello, haven't posted much. Things have been quiet since my hubby Roby finished radiation/chemo end of February. We go see his surgeon on Thursday, wants to do a colonoscopy next Wednesday before he does surgery. So we should know something next week about the surgery date.

So everyone keep good thoughts and prayers for Roby.

Have a great day!

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Nana b
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Doing good...enjoying family, even though we are all here for the sad passing of my Nana! Be back soon. Hugs!

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History: I was diagnosed only two months ago with stage IV bile duct cancer...I've had my sixth chemo session since then. Two weeks ago I had my first checkup ct scan which showed the tumors in my liver are smaller in size and mass...about 34% smaller :) Haven't had any major problems, just a little nausea once in awhile and some fatigue. It's kinda hard to get things done some days but I'm doing okay.

I hang on the colorectal board because when I was first diagnosed with metastic cancer located in my liver, they thought it would be colon cancer, so this is the board I started out on and the rare cancer board is fairly inactive.

Last week, I went to the Huntsman Cancer Center for a 2nd opinion (my original onc is very doomsdayish towards my future) and I'm still waiting for more news, but so far Huntsman told me that they think I was misdiagnosed with the BDC...they think it really is colon cancer! And they think my liver may be operable!!! I'm waiting for them to see my latest scan and get back to me and they're waiting for my medicaid to be approved to pay for treatment.

I've really been struggling to stay positive attitude with BDC dx...many days I am so sad and hardly a minute passes that I'm not thinking about CANCER. It's been really hard these past few weeks, as I've been also feeling weak muscles and heart racing - had my regular doc look at blood tests and she confirmed I'm getting anemic so now I'm trying to take Bvitamin and iron to compensate...so I haven't done more than lurk here and I apologize for not replying to the PM's I've received.

Here's my facebook, though I don't discuss cancer there: http://www.facebook.com/jvdavidge

And for dinner tonight, I had filet mignon and M&M's....bwahahahaha!

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their suspects, you see this can change from one day to the other, from one doctor to the other!Hugs and keep us informed!.

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I plan to update my profile tomorrow. I haven't been posting much since my liver resection that I had in feb. I have been having abit of a hard time recovering. I tried and tried to get in touch with Winter Marie, but I'm having trouble operating my new laptop. :( I start chemo again next week. Avastan and 5fu. At least I don't have to take that horrible oxy! Anyway, ya'll can check my new profile tomorrow.

Hugs to all,

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Kenny H.
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Well after my 12th and final rd of chemo 2 weeks ago (radiation and perm ostomy surgery prior) I went for a follow-up Tues. Onc said all blood work looks ok cept high liver enzymes (poss normal chemo reaction)
Wants to do a Scan in July and a another colonoscopy in Sept. (keeping port in for now to)

Also said I could return to work to. Waiting on Dr release fax now & praying my co. will take me back.
Been getting alot busier with projects ect now that I feel stronger but still check the board here from time to time.
Love you all.

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