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Adenocarcinoma Unknown Primary - Phase 1 Clinical trials

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Have you, or anyone you know, have a similar diagnosis as my wife? (Metastatic adenocarcinoma of unknown primary. Tumors discovered in liver and has spread to other areas). After 12 months, my wife continues the fight. After 5 months of chemotherapy, she is now enrolled in Phase-1 clinical trials (MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX). First 2 trials were not effective, cancer in liver has grown. Thank you!

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Hi, my wife has mucinous adeno of unknown primary. She is 2.5 years into a multitude of treatments. We are at Joe Arrington CC in lubbock. the oncolgist here have been able to bring her markers down twice, but there on the rise again. At the begining trials were discussed, and that she would be a good case to admitt to trials. I'm surprised that at five months they didnt suggest a different type of chemo. some adenos adapt easely to certain chemos. The problem is that some times the chemo is almost as bad as the adeno. This type of cancer can be real tricky, ie pet,mri,ct,xray scans may show nothing. Then during a hysterectomy they find thousands of small tumors in the peritoneum,liver, kidneys. My wife has lost two family members to adeno, an aunt and a female cousin. Its never ever cut and dry, there is always HOPE! There is alot more to this adeno and it can be beat.

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My mom was also diagnsed on February 7th with a poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of unknorn primary with bone mets. She had a surgery and a month later two sessions of radiotherapy to the mets in her back bones. The radiotherapy was expected to relieve her back pain but it didn't. It;s been 4 weeks since the radio and she is still in pain not like before but the new thing is that she is feeling pain in her upper back close to her neck. Her oncologist ordered an MRI yesterday and base don that he hwill decide to give her chemo every three weeks or every week. We are waiting to see him on Tuesday. I am not sure if your wives have had bone mets and if so how that was treated. I will post again once we meet with the oncologist and know what chemo drugs she will be injected with. God bless both of your wives and my mom.


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