suspicious bump 2 years after rad hyst. for cervical adenocarcinoma

I am almost to my 2 year celebration of being cancer free. I was diagnosed with cervical adenocarcinoma stage 1b1 in 2009. I get paps every 4 months now and physical exams and am now completely freaked out. At my appt. last week, the doc felt something at the vaginal cuff where they stitched me up. She said it could be a cyst, but somehow I'm doubtful, because she was very quick to order an MRI (said in this case would show more than the PET scan)and now I'm scared. I am scheduled for good friday to have the MRI and I am trying to stay calm. I was blessed with 5 kiddos (ages 10,8,5, and 3 year old twins) so I need to stay calm and collected for them. Anyone else have this happen? Sorry this is kind of rambling, just fears of unknown getting to me.


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    similar bump = recurrence
    I know you posted this awhile ago, but I am in a similar situation and was wondering how yours turned out. I was diagnosed with the same cancer & stage in January 2009 and had a radical hyst with 21 lymph nodes removed. In late May 2011, I had a bump that was not painful, but got larger and my groin lymph nodes became hard. My oncologist ordered a PET and a biopsy of the bump. It was recurrent cervical cancer. I had surgery to remove three nodes in my thigh and half of my vulva a week ago. My next step is radiation and chemo. I am nervous and would love insight.