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Please pray for my dad

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hi guy,

not sure whether u all remember me. i posted somewhere in Jan saying that the beast had invaded in the my dad lung but doc need us to go for biopsy to cfm. But after some discussion we decided not to go for it till recently my dad was dx with Pneumonia and again the doc strongly advise us to go for biopsy. well, we finally agree and its will be schuedle this Wednesday. of course i am worry as there alway some risk in such test especially now they have to use a tube to go all the way to the lung. please pray that my dad will be fine.. well i don expect good result as the doc already cfm 90% it is lung cancer. so now i just hopping that whatever treatment they advise will allow my dad to prolong his life. i still need him by myside!!
thanks guy!! u are the best!!

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Joeline, will keep Dad on my prayer list, please let us know how he is doing.

God bless

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Coming your way for your father,for you and the family....


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Prayers and positive thoughts headed your way.



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Hello, Joeline. Best wishes and prayers headed your way. I wish you all the best and it appears that your Dad has some good support from you. Support from family and friends is so important during times like this. You and your Dad stay strong and stay in the fight.


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You can't count me in on praying for your dad! Not sure if I've seen your posts before, but lost my husband a year ago in March and I know how important support is. Wish I would've found this site when he was first diagnosed, maybe the prayers would've helped and I'd still have him by my side.
We are all here for you!! Carole

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Will be praying and believing for you both.

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I will keep you & your father in my prayer's! i am happy he has you for support! Stay strong!
God Bless

Kent Cass
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Hopes and Prayers are with you.



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I will pray for your dad. My dad survived for 10 years after having a lung removed for cancer. He eventually passed on for other reasons (not cancer related). Modern medicine has many tools to extend a person's life. Of course, it is understandably scary when you and your dad are at the start of the journey. But before you know it, your dad will change from a cancer patient to a cancer survivor.

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hey ToBeGolden

yr post really give me the power to move on. thanks you!!

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Glenna M
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Sending prayers and positive thoughts for you, your dad and your family.

Stay strong,

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scope done.. seeing doc on 5 May 2011. so now is the waiting game...for these 2 week i will try not to think of anything and enjoy each day with my precious dad!!


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Prayers are sent up for your family.

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Prayers to you and your family.

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Yes Prayers comming from Minnesota....will keep your Family in our thought's and Prayers. Hang in there and take care of yourself so you can be strong for your Dad..

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well well well... a visit to the doc this afternoon. cfm its cancer but the thing now is that they cannot cfm whether its a primary or secondary cancer from its original NPC. so there will be some discussion between them which will be held next monday then they will come back to me. meantime more bone and liver scan will be arrange for my dad.. but i heard from the doc that if its a secondary cancer from his original NPC. the outlook will look bad.. anyone have lung cancer that is a secondary from NPC??? worry worry!!! need some positive story
thanks all!!

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Will certainly keep him and you in our prayers daily.

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I am sending as many prayers as possible to you.


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I said a prayer as soon as I read this. Remember, anything is possible with God.


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Prayer said and dad-mojo sent.

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My prayers to you and your family.

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hi all
after all the discussion, doc conculded that its was a primary cancer and stage him at 3 lung cancer. clear on liver and bone. which consider good. so treatment likely radi with chemo. more discussion to be made.. will update more.. poor dad.. have to fight again.. :(

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Thanks for the up-date on your Dad's condition

Will keep the prayers going

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