I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with R-CODOX/M & R-IVAC chemotheraphy as their treatment? Also if anyone has had intrathecal injections of methotrexate/vincristine?


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    I haven't heard of this type of treatments but we are still happy to see you here.


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    The R is probably Rituxin, which I as many lymphoma patients have had. I am unaware of what the other letters stand for.

    But I have had Vincristine or VP-16. That is part of the RICE treatment (the next step for some NHL survivors). For me the Vincristine was given to me a few times a week. Monday, Wednesday, two doses on Thursday, and again on Friday.

    Out of all the books and pamplets I received about lymphoma, there is one book that taught me about chemos and the side effect associated with them is: 100 questions and answers about NHL. This book is cancer specific. So, if your is hodkins, it will answer most questions that you could have about the chemo. Your oncology team should have these books in their library. The drug reps provide them. If not, some local leukemia lymphoma survivor should have them......these books are free.