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New to board

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My husband was dx with stage IV colorectal cancer on 11-14-10 with numerous mets to his liver inoperable. He has had 8 tx of 5fu, avistan & oxy, he has been very fortunate and has not experienced too many side effects, except his last ct scan they mentioned his spleen is enlarged and his platelets are low and if this continues there was mention of removing his spleen is there anyone out there who has experienced this side effect?
PS Love this board I have been on here everyday since he was diagnosed, you are so wise to the wicked ways of cancer.

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Welcome to this board. It is a source of lots of good information, support, humour etc. I am sorry you need to be here.

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Hi Rogina..I have no experience with what you are asking. Just wanted to give a hug to you and your husband for hanging in there with the diagnosis and oxy. Now the oxy...I have some experience. (lol but ew!) good luck with treatment.

Love and hugs, Gail

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I'm glad to hear that your husband has not had too many bad side effects. How is the chemo working on the cancer? My liver was declared inoperable at dx, but after 6 months of chemo, I was in better shape and had surgery. It seems like if they go in for the spleen, they could work on the liver while they are in there. I'm not suggesting surgery, just kind of wondering. I've never had a problem with my spleen before and don't know much about it.

Thanks for joining us.


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The chemo is working on the liver mets very well as they continue to shrink and die. The DR did mention that the spleen could be enlarged because it is storing the platelets, so might have to see a hemotologist. The biggest tumor in his liver is now 3.9 X 2.9 and it started at 5.2 X 3.9, however the liver involvement was over 50% and scattered. The tumor in his rectum is under .8 cm and started at 1.5. His cea started at 1145 and is now down to 214. The only side effects he suffers from is sleeps more less strength a little shaky in the hands and of course the famous oxy sensitivity to cold and had thrush real bad once and dehydrated once had to postpone 2 treatments so far do too blood counts white count once and this time with platelets. Thanks for the feedback much appreciated.

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Welcome Rogina, I just wanted to say Hi. You have come to the right place for information and comfort.
Good luck to you and your hubby.Judy

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Appreciate all the warm welcomes. Will let you know what they have decided, go back to Mayo on Fri. (Good Friday) (omen?) anyway should find out some answers for anyone who may have spleen problems in the future.

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You I'll find here very caring people able to help you in any of your dubts and fears.
Had no problem with spleen but when I was diagnosed had numerous mets on liver ,one of 10 cm! and many others smaller ! not operable of course
but after 9 successful rounds of FOLFOX all of them desapear except for the big one that shrunk more than 60 % of course i was operated sucesfully!. Hugs!

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Thanks Pepe that is awesome news. I knew it was time to get on board after John passed I have been following and praying for him and his family. Even in the end he was a unique person with so much insight to what was happening and I think he must have been a truly amazing individual. All of the stories and common threads here are amazing. Thanks again hugs back at ya!

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So sorry that your husband has been diagnosed. Not sure about removing the spleen, but hoping that all goes well for him.


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Thinking of you and your husband. A friend of mine with CRC stage 3 had an enlarged spleen that went down after a awhile after he quit chemo (FOLFOX). The spleen's a big source of WBC so my thought would be to check out the medical stuff first before any surgery.

all the best, Leslie

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Hi! Welcome to the board! I'm glad you've started posting. So sorry about your husband's diagnosis, and I will be praying for both of you.


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This board help me a great deal to go through the worst 5 months after my mum was diagnosed on Oct 27 2010! I hope you and your husband are both doing well.

My best wishes to both of you.

Posts: 457
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This board help me a great deal to go through the worst 5 months after my mum was diagnosed on Oct 27 2010! I hope you and your husband are both doing well.

My best wishes to both of you.

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