More whole brain experiences wanted

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Hi everybody, my 72 year old father has thyroid ca that has mets'd to his brain. He had a single lesion in an inoperable location. We got several opinions and went with the general consensus to do whole brain (15 over 3 weeks) than SRS. It appears that the tumor was 'killed' but he is having horrible side effecgts from the WBR. He is about 6 weeks out from his last whole brain treatment. He is fatigued and weak to the point of being unable to stand and walk. He can't stay awake. He is anxious. Mentally, his brain is working well when he is awake but he's hardly awake and when he is, he is frequently so upset over his condition that he can't focus on anything.

He has taken such a downturn, it is incredibly upsetting. We keep waiting for it to turn around. Has anyone known anybody have such serious side effects and turn around? I've read all the archived topics on WBR here but any and all experiences/information would be helpful.


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    Radiation therapy horrors
    My precious wife was layed low from the radiation.
    It was awful.
    It occured approximately 1 year from when she had the treatments...
    One day she was fine, the next day I was changing her diapers.
    Nearly that quick.
    Cognitively, it was AWFUL.
    When her great oncologist prescribed avastin, it all cleared up but the cognition.
    That is VERY, VERY slowly improving OR I am getting used to her at an intellectually juvenile level.
    But, I swear there is improvement.
    Be aware when he gets those scans.
    When you see things written in the report about "tretmant effects" or "flair" or "enhancement"..
    ask 1000 questions.
    Dementia is WORSE than cancer...much worse and you just have to wait,to see if your loved one makes it around the dark side of that planet back into the light.
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    why did your dad's doctors
    why did your dad's doctors prescribed WBRT when it is already known in literature that WBRT can induce significant damage to patients aged 60 and above? Anyway he might just be experiencing fatigue, you did mention that his cognition is fine. I experienced fatigue during my WBRT back in january and I've recovered from the fatigue around 2 months after. Hope everything goes well for your dad