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Throat feels swollen on the inside

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I had a neck disection on 3/28/11. I feel like the inside of my throat is swollen and I'm being choked. It doesn't look swollen on the outside. Is anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions on what can help?

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you really should let the surgeon who performed the operation take a look at it. It could be lymph build up but can also be seroma fluid which is sometimes built up after an operation where blood vessels are ruptured. Let the doctor rule out the posibilities of any serious complications just to be sure. I did not experience internal throat swelling after my disection although it's possible that area was injured during the administration of the anesthesia. It is also possible they took some biopsies while in the throat. Probably just normal healing but get it checked out.

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Pam M
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You'll come to know that he knows whereof he speaks. I had some internal inflammation after my dissection (modified radical - right side only). My surgeon said probably because I had surgery after rads. Seemed to me to last a long time, but I don't recall how long - I'd definately let the doc know. Hope it subsides soon.

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