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Linda do you have a new battle plan yet

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Linda have been wondering how you are doing. Have you had your CT/PET yet? Do you have a new battle plan yet. Hope you continue to feel good and continue to enjoy each day. You remain in my thoughts and prayers. In peace and caring.

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I get my CT/PET scan on Monday 4/18 and have an appointment with my oncologist for "a chat" on Thursday. I could have gotten the scan this past Thursday (2 days ago) but I already had plans to have my new inground pool delivered that morning and a late lunch with 3 of my girlfriends at a Japanese hibachi grill. So when I got the call that they could take me for a scan at 3:30 that same day, I thought, hmmmmmm,.... soushi & sake??....or contrast fluid and a scan???? & I opted for the day of fun and a 4-day delay in my scan! HA!

I'm expecting bad news, but I know that scan results are just additional information; & you are really no sicker than you were before you had the scan; you just know more. But my family will be devastated if I have more disease advancement. & with a CA125 over 2000, I am pretty sure that's the kind of news we'll be getting.

& I had Avastin 2 weeks ago, so it's not like I am going without chemo by delaying my scan a couple of days (although it will be a month that I've been off the cytoxin, which my oncologist believes is not working for me anyway.) It'll be interesting what they suggest I try next as the only chemos I haven't tried yet are either super-duper NEW, or are older drugs that my bone marrow will probably not be able to tolerate. I'll let you know.

Opening day of trout season here, so I went fishing with my grandkids this morning in the rain and made trout for dinner! & my yard is a muddy mess since it had to be re-graded for the new pool, but the pool is IN and now we just need to do the cement & fencing and re-seed and re-landscape that side of the house. I'm too BUSY having FUN to be sick & dying!!!

hopeful girl 1
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Glad you are having fun and will soon be enjoying your new pool.
I am so sorry that you have to go thru' this waiting period. Glad you chose to have fun with friends and have the pool delivery and postpone a few days. Good for the soul.

Why can't we just go thru treatment and never have any return of this craziness.

Please keep us posted what the doc has to say on Thursday.

We are thinking of you and sending prayers your way.


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So glad you opted for the sushi and saki. A few days later on the scan won't make any difference and maybe the day of fun could not be rescheduled with your friends. Good choice.

Hope all goes well with the scan. I hope the disease has not advanced any further either.

Glad you got to enjoy opening day of trout season. In the Midwest opening day is March 1st. My brother in law and nephews always go to opening day. They have had some rainy and cold days on opening day.

So glad you got your pool, and will be able to enjoy it. Planning the relandscaping will be fun for you, too. I am so glad you having FUN and enjoying life. Will be anxious to hear what the new battleplan is for you. In peace and caring.

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Double Whammy
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definitely seem to be in the right order. Your outlook of acceptance and hope appears so at peace for dealing with whatever comes your way. It's wonderful that you feel so well. How on earth can you possibly be so sick? You definitely have all of us working with you by sending our postitive thoughts and prayers.

I'll be anxious to learn what Plan B will be after you "chat" with your oncologist. Enjoy your new pool and garden.


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No matter what the "chat' reveals on Thursday, we'll be here to support you. And your attitude, hovering between calm preparation for what could be bad news, and spirited resolve, is a model for all of us!


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So glad to read your post. Living is what it is all about. Too busy having fun to be sick and dying!!! Super!!!

Here is to many happy times for your despite the lab reports. I think you have hit on the key, Linda. Living!!! Not sick and dying!!!

Please keep us posted. I am an avid reader of your posts. You are an inspiration.

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Dear Linda,

I love your story, choosing life over damn tests! I hope you saved your blogs; you are a testimony of growth when life became such a struggle that I think only those of us there really have a feel for.

Thank you for sharing your real feelings during this struggle. Thank you for sharing you!

I have asked my Dr. not to call me about my CA 125 unless it's something she needs to do something about. I know it's gone up some as someone slipped up and told me. But I don't know what the rest are. I just want freedom from tests and fear for a short while.

We just don't know in life. My mother had a stroke and fell and hit her head. She can't remember much somedays and somedays we see a peak of old self. We finally had to put her in assisted living; she loves it there which has made us all happy. My sister says she feels safe. I had envisioned her helping my daughter get ready for the wedding together, zipping her up, putting on the veil. Squealing with happiness. She can't travel now. After alot of tears and stress my sibs and I have accepted this and adapted to new ways to make her a part of the event. After sharing alot of this together and crying over each other's shoulders we have found peace and acceptance.

Now when did you say the pool party was? I'm going to wear my favorite bathing suit and not care if my port shows!


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I have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you tomorrow, Linda. You are one strong woman and I so admire your spunk.

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Haven't heard anything recently on how you're doing.

Are you feeling OK? Finished treatment for awhile or inbetween them?


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I am doing good. I am scheduled for chemo number 4 (10) on the 26th (and probably the 27th). I have to check with my new onocologist and see what his plan is.

Minimal side effects from the last chemo, but usually the third week is when I have been having the nausea. I hope I skip it this round. Not as tired this round either. So things are going good.

I am hoping this is my last chemo, but I'll have to wait and see what the lab tests show. In peace and caring.

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Hi Ro
I do hope the numbers are right down and this can be your last chemo. but you seem to be doing incredibly well - I am so pleased for you.
Kindest wishes

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