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wife now has lung cancer

bill vicino
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GOOD MORNING I cannot believe this I has lung cancer in 2008 had my right lung removed had the six months of chemo I am fine now, my wife is in real trouble she has SMALL cell lung cancer that as spread ,she had a pet scan yesterday now with the weekend I cannot sleep I tried to read the report and I see a lost of peak SUV reading of 14.9 10.0 8.1 does any one know what this means thank you bill vicino

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Sorry your faced with this. I too am in a battle with SCLC....... God Bless you and your both in my prayers

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SUV uptake is : standard uptake value. The solution that is given during a PET scan has sugar in it. Cancer cells feed off of sugar. The higher the uptake value the more active the tumor or lymph nodes. A worrisome SUV is anything about 6 I was told. My PET scan showed 5+ lymph nodes all above 14. I have stage 4 NSCLC. That was back in Nov 2009. I am now producing clear scans and on Avastin for maintenance. Keep your head up and don't stress too much on numbers, statistics and numbers are meant to be changed. Good luck.

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