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Things you forget to tell the doctor

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My heartbeat has been irregular for a few weeks. Mostly I only notice it when I am at rest.

I keep forgetting to mention it to my Onc or the surgeon.

Anyone else do this? If so, what kinds of things do you forget?

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I forgot

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hope your heart gets better maybe its just anxiety.i always bring a notebook to the onc with me but then i forget to write in it...Godbless....johnnybegood

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discuss and invariably leave it in pocket of shirt I wore yesterday.....

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I always bring my hand held digital recorder and my older daughter. I seem to have misplaced the recorder since my last visit but the good news is I still have my daughter and thank God SHE has a memory!!!!

(I think it's axiety as well...it does happen to me sometimes.) :)


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I'm pretty good at remembering. I do hope you will remember VERY SOON to ask your doctor aboout your heart rhythms!


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Once upon a time listening to what a patient said was a valid diagnostic tool for the medical profession, now if it is not on a piece of paper from pathology they don't seem that interested.I remember not long after I finished chemo I discovered that I was impotent. I raised the subject with my doctor and was asked "öh is that a problem". Now it is the least of my problems but then it was. Now I just answer the questions that they ask and don't say much of anything. Ron

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I agree that I forget to ask questions and I write them down in a notebook as well....blame it on chemo brain.

Ron you are right on when you say something to your oncologist that you think is important and he looks at you like....well??? or that you are crazy.

I ask my infusion nurses...they are very informative and seem to be well informed on side effects...love my nurses.


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Hi Blake,

I've also had problems a bit ago with a sometimes racing heart, and sometimes an irregular beat. In my case, I was told it can definitely be related to the chemo and it can also be related to your blood pressure. Sometimes when the blood pressure goes low, the heart beat speeds up, sometimes irregularly, to compensate. If you have a blood pressure cuff at home, start checking your blood pressure twice a day (all of us should do this). I don't remember if you're on Avastin or not, but I know Avastin can most definitely affect the blood pressure and heart. Does your onc respond to email? I got my onc's email address about a year ago & discovered that was so much easier than calling and waiting for him to return my call. I now get a reply much faster & the plus is that you can write the email any time of day or night, unlike a phone call where you'd just get their answering service if you call off hours. If you haven't already, put a big note on your refrig (or wherever you'd see it and remember to act on it), then email or call your onc about it right away. Don't wait until your next appt! Probably not terribly serious, but you never know and it doesn't do your body any good to have the heart beat irregularly.

Best wishes on this-

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this was helpful. My blood pressure will get low and I sometimes have an irregular heartbeat as well. I'll ask the doc! or better yet, my IV nurse.

smiles, Leslie

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I dont have the irregular heart beat but every time I see a doctor I forget the questions I wanted to ask. WTF???? it really agrivates me but it happens every time. I didnt use to be so dum????

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My Onc laughs at me. We talk about poop, weight, eating, everything. When he asked if I was done with Chemo I said, "I am!". Then we had a conversation about everything we talked about the last year and laughed. He asked if I had ever talked about poop so much with anyone else? Seriously the diarrhea was the worst problem for me. (Other then the two blood clots.) I am still dealing with the neuropathy and will be for many months to come.

Best Always, mike

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Blake....dang it you better not forget to tell your Dr about the heartbeat.

And ya...on oxy it became like a routine. He would ask me some questions and I would answer..yes I have that happening. Then one day ...it was treatment #6 of Folfox he said I think you are under reporting. Well I was answering his questions but not adding my own complaints LOL so yes I was under reporting. I never mentioned I was dropping things, off balance, trouble writing, numbness to face and lips, on and on.....so then....he took me off oxy and started folfiri. And it's weird because I really don't like the folfiri...it gives me the creeps thinking about taking it for days before I'm dreading it. I get very very weak and sleep soo much for like 4 days!.....by the way only 3 to go...yay!


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if something new comes up int he appt; then I have to wait until next time if I remember to write it down.

smiles, Leslie

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