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Holistic or homeopathic treatments

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Hi everyone, I am new to this board and to the dx of lung cancer. Just had the breast cancer taken care of in Feb. and now I have another... NSCLC. I am relieved it is not mets but still shaken with the news. I have not gotten staged yet, mediastinoscopy next week will tell. I am a young 54. I was just wondering if anyone has checked into or has experimented with homeopathic food supplements along with the standard treatments of cancer? I am scheduled for a lobectomy May 5th and when I feel up to it, I am going to make an appt. with a local holistic Dr. Figure it sure can't hurt. Our food supply is so tainted with chemicals, there is no way we are getting the nutrients we are supposed to have natually so how can our bodies fight this monster if our immune systems are compromised? Just a thought, been thinking alot lately. Sorry for my rambling but I guess I thought you all would understand. There I go thinking again. I hate cancer. I hate it I hate it I hate it. I pray for all with cancer and their families. I will fight, with all I have within. I want to die of old age, not a cancer riddled granny. I want 30 more years! God bless us in our fight for life.

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Glenna M
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I also have NSCLC in my lung but mine is inoperable because of the location so I received chemo and radiation. While I was undergoing treatment my doctors and nutritionist told me DO NOT take any supplements as they can have an adverse affect on the chemo. My advice is not to take anything without talking it over with your doctors first.

I understand your feelings about tainted foods and wanting to eat foods that will benefit and strengthen your immune system. It would be better for everyone, not just cancer patients, if they improved their daily diet.

I was fighting two cancers at the same time, they discovered the lung cancer first and two weeks later the PET showed I also had laryngeal cancer. I'm 18 months post treatment and doing fine and expect to be around for quite a few years. It's just my opinion but I'm very leery of the homeopathic/holistic promises, I trusted in my doctors and modern medicine to help me and I'm not disappointed with the results.

Sorry that I don't have any advice for you, I just wanted to warn you about taking anything that you oncologist isn't aware of.

Stay strong and keep on fighting. We will win!!


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I lean the same way as Glenna: Make darn sure that what you intend to try doesn't actually do harm, especially along the lines of interfering with whatever treatments you are on. Consult the real docs.

In my not-so-humble opinion, most of this "compromised immune system" and "poisoned foods" stuff is pure bumper stickerism purveyed by people who stand to benefit by selling the supposed remedies. Works well for them, but you'll probably notice that no real hard-and-fast claims are made. Stuff that really works tends to be verifiable via controlled studies, like it or not.

Not saying it couldn't work (nobody knows), but if there's any chance it's not harmless, I'd be really hesitant.

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I absolutely agree with ex_ Rock and Glenna. Stick with the real doctors and don't be swayed what the holistic types try to tell you.

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