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How are you doing Stayingcalm??

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Hi Deb I hope you are doing well and just taking a break from the group for a bit. I miss seeing your posts :( Take care and get back to us when you can!!

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Hey Deb, Have been thinking of you and hope everything is going well for you. Miss you and hope to see you posting again soon also...... Dan

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Hope all is well... Dan

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Missing you lots!

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'Spoke' with deb (stayingcalm) in FB just this morn in a brief exchange of posts, to let her know that she was in people's thoughts, and her response was that she is just taking a cancer (and CSN, I guess) hiatus.

So good for her. Has happened to me, so I understand it.

Thought you all would want to know.

Take care,


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Posts: 254
Joined: May 2010

Glad you made contact with Deb. I suspected she might be "taking a break" from the group.

sleepless in jersey
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Hi Joe~Thought I would give it a whirl with a question for you.
Mom DX 1/3/11 stage 4 Lung ncslc had her share of wbr and finished 4TX of chemo and now got results of scans yup the waiting of the phone.
Well Neurosurgeons nurse called and said head clear GREAT wants follow up next wk however hours later Onc called and said I have good news and bad news...The good news is some of the lung tumors have shrunk the bad news is some have grown :(
Do you know how does this work why carbo/alimta can work on some and make others grow??
TX now will be every wk for 12 wks at 2hrs at a clip.
Needless to say Mom is having a tough time..
Any suggestions or question you could think of before we start the next journey on wed.?
Thanks for you help...Sleepless in jersey
PS-age 60 and has it in spine, pelvis, brain and lung

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