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lumpectomy cavity filling with fluid 2 year post-op - help!

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Hello Ladies. I had a lumpectomy almost 2 years ago, on 7/09 and radiation on 9/09. The large cavity the surgeon left immediately filled with fluid (I heard 'sloshing' sounds when I walked. Weird but not uncommon the doc said.) After about a year, the swelling went down, but not completely away.

Then, like Traci, I recently developed high blood pressure. The PCP 'guaranteed' that if I lost 20 pounds, the blood pressure would take care of itself. So I started exercising and, of course, stretching afterward. The first day it felt good to stretch the muscles under the scar. The second day there was a big lump there.

The ultrasound showed the cavity had changed from a long thin shape (like a Vienna Finger cookie) to a snowball shaped cookie. It is tender to touch and aches once in a while. The radiologist doing the ultrasound said to leave it alone since the cavity had probably built a 'wall' and a needle aspiration would not be a good idea.

Have any of you had experience with the cavity filling with fluid so long after surgery? Can anything be done about it? Will this happen everytime I stretch those muscles?

Thanks. ~~Connie~~

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I'm headed to my oncologist right now....very sore sternum, sore muscle ..2 yrs next month had my lumpectomy...hope we can find out what our problems are...so sick of doctor appointments!
Hugs, Nancy

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I have not had that kind of a problem. Are they not going to drain it or something. I have wondered myself if will ever be normal again, I think this is our new kind of normal now. let us know how this turns out for you. Hugs

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I DID NOT know such thing as cavity! Does this for all lumpectomies or just happens?

Have you seen your dr yet about it?

I"LL check back in for update


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