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New Docotrs

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have a question for you all out there. My surgeon who removed my tumor in October is moving on to another practice. He is suggesting I see another urologist in the practice at one year. I had seen him at 3 and 6 months. Is it reasonable to see a regular urologist for follow up care or is it better to go to another specialist. If something should ever turn up he had said the doctors could contact him in the future. Thanks. He was a urologic oncologist

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My kidney removal was performed at Johns Hopkins by a urologist. After the surgery, I was immediately released to an oncologist there. I now see the oncologist at Hopkins and a nephrologist in my home town for follow up.

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My surgery was performed by a surgical urologic oncologist at a regional teaching hospital. My follow up monitoring is done thru my local oncologist. CT's on a regular (3 month, then 5 month basis). Because I had two separate recurrences, each a year apart, I'm only 3 years from my most recent surgery. Because of the concerns about frequent CT's, I'm now on alternating ultrasound/xrays with CT's every 6 months. So far, so GOOD.
I do see my PC physician at 4 month intervals for standard labs, etc. as he looks after my BP (with only one kidney) cholesterol, and anything else.
PS, I'm female, age 68.

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Thanks to all of you for your feedback

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