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CA 125 level of 208 2 weeks post surgery (one week before due to start chemo)

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Hi all,

I had my pre chemo blood tests and all came back great except for 1 high CA 125 level. For some reason, there wasn't a level taken in the hospital prior to surgery. I was a little shook up to see the CA 125 was 208. The nurse manager at my Doc's office said that it was possible that pre surgery it could have been in the thousands. It just seems to me this is snowballing, before surgery I was told just one superficial tumor in the uterus, won't even need chemo. Lo and behold, one surprise tumor in the right ovary, chemo and radiation. Then path results showed no lymph gland involvement, so no radiation. If my level is 208 I guess they didn't get it all out with the hysterectomy. Must have more of the nasty little buggers floating around somewhere. Anyone have any input,or similar experiences? Thanks for listening to me moan and groan....

Yours in sisterhood !!
Debbie :)

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Hi, Debbie--

I would not stress out too much about your CA 125, particularly because you had your surgery only two weeks ago. The inflammation caused by the total abdominal hysterectomy is enough to cause a spike in the number. That is what happened with me, and I was initially terrified. However, at my next blood draw, my CA 125 was under 20. Now, three years later, it is either 4 or 5.

Best to you.


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Thanks for writing, Jill and Annie.

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I too did not have a CA 125 prior to surgery and my initial uterine biopsy pointed to UPSC with a suspected mass in the abdomen as well. I asked why after reading posts here but the answer from my chemo nurse was never quite forthcoming. (Thankfully the suspected mass outside the uterus was nonexistent!) The blood tests were taken after the 3 chemo treatments, and now I am down to 6!

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As Jill noted the spike could be just from inflammation but also, the reason chemo was recommended was due to the cancer cells that may not be visible at this point. The chemo will most likely get these zapped and knock that number right down.

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They may not have done a CA 125 before surgery because they did not suspect UPSC. I did not have one done before surgery because they thought the hysterectomy would remove the tumor and everything would be fine.

The surgeon did not do a CA 125 until after the first chemo, as he said the surgery could elevate the results. My CA 125 after the first chemo was 428 and dropped to 128 before the third chemo. So your chemo will drop the results.

Just remember it is only a number. I know that is hard to remember. Just focus on the report of negative lymph nodes and washings. Take it one day at a time. In peace and caring.

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