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Pet Scans

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I am out 27 months post treatment. Just wondering how frequently everyone has had Pet Scans post treatment. My oncologist has been performing Pet Scans every three months post treatment. Now he is doing Pet Scans every six months. My SUV(Standard Uptake Value) is reading 3.3-3.9.

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I only get PET/CT scans yearly. I am 22 months post treatment and have had 2. My next one won't be until October.

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Thanks so much for the feedback.

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I have only had 2 Pet Scans, one before treatment and one after treatment. Now I only have CT scans yearly.

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I am now 31 months post-treatment. For the first 2 years, I got scanned every 3-4 months. Now I am on a 6-month schedule.

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i only got 1 pet scan done before tx. then, only ct scans. ct's at first every 6 months now only 1 per year ( i am 19 months post) but they stopped the 2 ct scans after my 12 month post tx. sephie

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I had mine 6 weeks after treatments and been having them every three months since. However, I am not having one on my next appt and I am assuming they will be every six months now. I think they are taken at the discretion of the oncologist. Take care!

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I had one PET scan prior to treatment in Nov and another 7 weeks post treatment in early March. My doctor said he doesn't want to do another for a year unless something comes up to avoid too much radiation exposure.

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I had one pet scan when they were trying to find my cancer, but my Dr. doesn't recomend them for follow up and he thinks there's a problem. He feels the risk from more exposure is just too great. My surgeon feels another biopsy is the better option since my tumor was behind an inside hemeroid.I am now nine months post tx

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