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Indirectly related to P/C

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listen to this story i want to share. during the course of determining what type of treatment i choose i had a MRI done of my prostate bed. i am going to type the findings. it's short: the prostate gland is absent and has been surgically removed. there is trace metal artifact in the region of the prostate bed most likely indicating surgical clips. there is also metal artifact along the bilateral pelvic sidewalls. no pelvic lymphadenopathy. no free pelvic fluid. needlessly to say i am not thrilled about the surgeons leaving their junk in my trunk. what do you think i should do? i have no problems because of these items and feel nothing. the surgery was over 7 and a half years ago.

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I couldn’t help but laugh on your post. I just wonder where have you had the surgery seven years ago. May I say; in which junk yard.
I have never heard of surgeons leaving “metal artifacts” in PC operations. That also is part of your survivor chronology.


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It has to make you smile…One would think that the medical community would have to inform you of these things but then again it is the medical community…. I would be asking a lot of questions as this is something you should had been made aware…

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