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R.I.P. John

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Joined: Jul 2009

John passed away the morning. :-(

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Seeya' when I get there, bud.


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Let's pray for him and his family.
We will miss your attitude and strength till the end!
Good bye Sir!

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My heart is very sad. John was brave and strong for so long. My prayers are with his family.


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Say Hi to Donna for me, I miss her so very much, along with so many others.

John's little boy meant so very much to him, he tried so hard to be around for him, may that little guy have good memories of his courageous dad. I worry so for the children left behind.

Rest in peace John, you fought the good fight.

Tina and George

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I am praying that John is now at peace. And for blessings of comfort for his family.
He was such a good man. Love, Joyce

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for John and his family. I am glad that his suffering is over and pray that his family will have be surrounded by those who loved him to help ease the pain from grief.

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there are really no words....just thoughts and prayers for his family and fiends...


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So sad to come on this board and see that. He was such a fighter and loved life to the fullest. You will be missed.


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Hugs to his family, both near and far!

Hugs, Kathi

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See you on the other side my friend!!!!!!

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Nana b
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Joined: May 2009

Such sadness. I hate cancer!

My condolences to the family.

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According to facebook,
"He passed away peacefully this morning, holding he held his wife and mother's hands and listened to Aaron's Song"

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My condolences and prayers for his family.

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I'm saddened to hear this news, but knew it would be coming, as I know we were all waiting for the news.
He was definitely knowledgeable and a fighter. It hits way too close to home hearing this news- I always had hoped he would find a way around the disease. What he did do is prolong his life much beyond what the doctors told him was even possible & he blazed trails and gave many of us some great information to look into.
Rest in peace, John!


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Sad i am sorry Rest in peace


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Joined: Oct 2010

Please bless his family with comfort and love.


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Joined: Jun 2009

I will miss you.


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Joined: Apr 2009

What a great man! What a sad day..... will miss you John


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John your presence will be missed, but you will always be in our hearts.

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I pray that you are at peace. You were an honorable and very brave man. I will miss you.
My prayers are with your family. May the Lord hold your little boy in His arms and let him remember that he had a very fine daddy.


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I am so sorry
Prayers for peace and calm for Johns family.

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Oh, such sad news today, and more tears to shed. God bless you John, and your family. Cynthia and Rick

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Joined: Jun 2006

John John

I cannot believe this day is here

you were such a fighter


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Joined: Nov 2001

So many friends and acquaintances,all gone. What a saddening toll. Ron.

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We perfect the art of saying goodbye....but still, I choose to say "hello" to these mighty warriors, so I must also say "goodbye" with respect and love when the time is right, enriched by the time that I have known them.

Hugs to us all!!!


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Joined: Jan 2010

I am so saddened to hear that John has passed. He tried so hard to live.

My concern & sympathy to the Nimmons family. John is in the arms of the angels now.

RIP John.


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Joined: Oct 2009

Even though John prepared us for this, it is hard to imagine this board without him. John, you have been such an inspiration to me. My thoughts atnd sympathies are with his family.

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prayers to his family
hugs and warmth to his young son

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tina dasilva
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Joined: Sep 2010

so sorry . R.I.P our dear John

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My heart goes out to his family and all who his life touched.


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I am out of words to express my sadness,this is not right, I admired him so much I will continue to pray for his family, he does not need my prayers anymore he is in a perfect place now.

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Joined: Aug 2010

So sorry to hear this news. We will be praying for his family.
Linda and Ellie

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I'm sorry you had to leave so soon.I will see you over there.I HATE CANCER,SEMPER FI.

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Joined: Sep 2009

I feel so bad for his family. When I see his Facebook page and see his profile picture, it just makes me feel so sad and it brings me back to how I felt watching my mom fight cancer. My heartbreaks for his family and for us too who now lose another soldier.

It makes we even more determined to beat this sh*t!!

"Did we give up when the German's bombed Pear Harbor?" "Hell No"

Sorry could not help with adding the Animal House quote.

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Goodbye John. You were a real inspiration.

Anonymous user (not verified)

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Our loss is heaven's gain. Hug Donna, Kimby, Louann, Mark, and everyone else we loved and lost. Peace to you, and solace to the family you left behind.

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Joined: May 2008

I hope your passing was peaceful. Much love and peace for your family. I will not forget you and will miss you.


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Posts: 174
Joined: May 2010

I sending my prayers to his family. The heavens just received a new star.

Peace and Blessings.

Fight for my love
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Joined: Jun 2009

OMG,soooooo sad.:(

Posts: 72
Joined: Nov 2010

Farewell John! Your bravery and courage were not only an inspiration to those who are burdened with this awful disease, but for the caregivers as well! You fought a valiant fight my friend- true Marine to the end!!! May you now rest in peace and be comforted by the fact that you have inspired those who were fighting in the trenches along side you, and all of those that will unfortunately come after you!



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I just read this. Rest in peace John. Special hugs to your little boy who I am sure adored you as much as you adored him. To your family.....so sorry for your loss.


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Thanks for all your wonderful posts. A real truth talker amen.

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I have no other words at this sorrow.

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marjans daughter
Posts: 21
Joined: Apr 2011

My heartfelt and sincere condolences .......

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I will see you again.........many blessings to your family that they may find peace and comfort during this time.....Love to you and all you stood for.......Clift

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Dear John:

I am sure you are still reading the site. I want to let you know that I was very lucky for getting to know you in this s.h.i.t.t.y. world. And You were really a sort of guidance to me. And I told Mom today to look for you. I even emailed her and sent her the link of your profile so that she sees your picture and recognizes you. She can cook really well!! Please take care of yourself, and don't forget your family and us here! I will keep in touch with you and will PM you to update you how things are here, okay? I do the same with my Mom. I email her all the time! If your account gets removed by time, I will just write both of you through my Mom's email account.
Please take care, and I hope it's really really nice up there!!!!

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We pray for you and those you leave behind
Lord hear our prayer...

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You were an incredibly strong man, John. You taught me a very important lesson with your passing. I always thought that "Strength" was enough to get you through anything.

You taught me that it is important but not always enough with this terrible disease.

Still, all in all, you had real strength - the kind I only dream about having.

So, thank you for that - and again, thank you for always "listening."

Thanks for everything that you were and all that you did.



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