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pathology report

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Hello all, Got my pathology report on 4-7. Stage 3, one tumor in the uterus and one in the right ovary. Both were said to be "superficial". Negative lymph gland involvement and pelvic washings were negative. I get a chemo port put in the l4th and start chemo on the 20th. One week, I get both carbo and taxol, weeks 2 and 3 I get just taxol and week 4 I get a week off. Then we start over with both drugs, and so on and so on. If all goes well I'll be done with chemo the end of September or thereabouts. They told me results are the same and one advantage to getting reduced doses weekly is its not as hard on the body. They did tell me that I will not need radiation after all because of no lymph node involvement. Anyone have any input or advice on this type of chemo regimen?


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Sorry to hear about your stage 3 but glad you do not need radiation because of negative nodes and washings. Some have gotten the weekly taxol dosage and have done well with it. They say it is easier on the body. Glad to hear you are getting a port, as the chemo is very hard on the veins. Wishing you well and come back with any questions or concerns you may have. In peace and caring.

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Hi Honey, so sorry about your diagnosis. Yes, I did have the same treatment. I was terrified about Chemo, one of my sisters called me and told me that her neighbour had chemo and he was in and out of hospital and that I shouldn't do chemo. Well, my love Chemo was done one year todate. Just a little side effect. Of course, prepare yourself for hair loss, but as soon as you finish your last session within weeks your hair will start growing back. Everyone is different, but as far as I know almost all of the ladies on this board did extremely well. So prepare yourself and be positive and you will certainly do well. Here is another one for you. I never lost my appetite. LOL. So you go full force ahead and be positive with your treatment and you will be just like many of us here "warriors". You will be fine. May God give you strength and the knowledge to endure this journey. You can do it. My love and best wishes to you. Please keep us informed. June

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I'm from the ovarian discussion board and was given the same treatment as the first-line of treatment only I didn't get a week off. I was in much worse shape than you initially (tumors grew back after surgery while I was healing from a bowel resection) and the disease regressed quickly with the chemo. Now I am well again.

The platinum drug has the side effect of making your feet numb (and some people get numb fingers, too)and I have noticed some women posting that they still have the problem long after they have stopped having chemo.

I have been able to avoid this side effect (called "peripheral neuropathy") by taking an over the counter supplement from the Life Extension Foundation called "R-lipoic acid" 100 mg twice/day and also 100 mg of vitamin B6 once/day.

I don't know if your oncologist would approve and you are supposed to check with the oncologist about everything. My oncologist was OK with it.

Best wishes to you.

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Sara Zipora
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My Dx is Stage IV B Grade III, Ednometrial Adenocarcinoma, so your case is much milder than mine.
Did the same taxol/carbo thing but no vacation. Took Emend prior to Carboplatin for three days to reduce nausea. It worked.

Also got a Port sooooo happy I did!
I was told to get a pediatric flush port cause I'm a smallish person, and did. Compared to 'adults' it's much smaller and works the same.

Losing my eyelashes was worse for me than head hair, I like that I can play with hair color and styles with the wigs. Ended up going to get eye make up and bought smaller eyeglass frames, made a difference. Worked on days I could, usually three days prior to next Chemo.
Everyone's experience is uniquely theirs. You are writing your own book.
Good luck and good health,


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I had a similar treatment,but both the drugs you're taking were given to me every 3 weeks...no breaks with lesser dosages. I've read from others on this site, lower dosages are quite helpful and side affects aren't nearly as intense.

I did have cancer in one pelvic lymph node and doc suggested I have external radiation. Did this for 33 sessions in middle of my treatments with chemo. I'd say if any part of the protocol anyone would like to avoid, it must be the radation. Today having been out of treatments for 1-1/2 yrs, still have bowel issues, but it's do-able.

The port is definitely the way to go, as I didn't have time to get a port before first chemo and it was tough.....I was like a pin cushion. Today I just have it flushed out every 4-6 months and all is well. Hopefully some day it's in the distance...never to be used again~

Take care of yourself and allow yourself to rest as chemo is cummulative and usually you'll feel more tired towards the last 3 or so treatments. No hair...yep that happens, but do enjoy some fun wigs and scarves...I did~


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