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I just underwent a VATS surgery where a wedge section of my left lower lobe was removed. (will be 1 week post op on Wed.) My chest tube was removed 2 days after the surgery, I am home now, and have had to have my Dr. change the dressing almost on a daily basis, due to what I'm terming as excessive drainage. I am curious if this is considered the norm for the procedure I had. I had surgery on the right, a year ago, where I had a chest tube also, but never experienced drainage like this before. Has anyone out there had a similar occurrence after lung surgery would appreciate any and all input.

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My husband didn't have excessive later like you described. He had a VATS and thoracotomy RUL Jan. 24th and then a lobectomy LLL March 25th- and we're still in hospital for that, but making progress-it's been an interesting road. BUT back to your question. He didn't have leakage with the first surgery, but when he came back 2 wks after for his pulmonary function test he had a blow-out if you will from the chest tube site. When he was blowing out during the test he released about litre of fluid from the tube wound site. They were surprised since his breathing wasn't troubling him. so I guess instead of any post-op draining he just saved it up and let it all go at once ;-) Draining seems normal this time (except for all the other craziness and that's another story) Don't know if this helps, but you daid any and all inout. Hope your drainge is getting better.

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I had a lobectomy on Dec. 1/10 and the day after I got home the leakage was scary. I could see my dressings bulging out and called a nurse friend. She took me to our emergency dept. (we had a flood from me on the way). The doctor ordered an x-ray and compared it to the previous one. I live in a small town not where my surgery was done. They were going to put a drainage tube in but decided that would slow the healing. I was rebandaged and a local community nurse came in for a few days to change the dressings. It stopped quite quickly. I think we are lucky that doctors in one town can call up x-rays on the 'net taken in other cities. Sure saves wear and tear of travel.

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I had an upper right lobectomy in Sept 2009 and it leaked all for about 3 weeks. I called the surgeon's office and they said it's normal, but if gets to be too much I could go in and they would stitch it. He also said if it has a really foul odor to come in. My drainage did not have a foul odor and it eventually stopped so I didn't go in.

I think this is normal but if you are not comfortable then call your doc and ask.

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