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Still can't believe she's gone

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I and my mother and sister and a few friends that had been caregivers to my sister went to a benefit last night. I had a great time but they showed a slide show of races for ovarian cancer and at the end a memorial of those that had passed. I cried like a baby. When will it feel real? I still expect her to come out of her room when I visit my mom. I don't feel like it has sunk in that she's gone. Am I in denial?

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I am so sorry for your loss. I think many of us are in a little denial. I'm starting to realize that the death of someone that we love deeply is too hard to process without a little denial. My husband would call me late at night from the hospital, and the phone rang after midnight a few nights ago and my first thought was it must be my husband. Of course, I knew better but I think it was a profound wish more than a belief. ((((Hugs))))

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Their always with us in our hearts. Just last night at the grocery store I grabbed a piece of cheese cake for my my mom. It was her favorite and it didn't hit me she wasn't at home until I put it in my cart
She passed 5months ago, but my dad passed 13years ago and I still find myself expecting him to show up. So to answer ur question if it ever stops, no, but it does get easier. I'm sorry for the loss of ur sister, but embrase the felling u get that she is gonna come out from her room maybe its her way of letting u know she's there with u.

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