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Liver Resection

kim mom of three
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I had a liver resection Jan. 2011. Segment 5 was totally removed. I am still experiencing pain. Is this Normal? I had breast cancer 10 years ago, but this cancer has been diagnosed as mets to liver unknown primary. I'm tired and cold all the time. My oncologist doesn't seem to be to concerned, but I am

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Hi Kim,
I had colon cancer mets to liver. I had 1/3 of the liver removed in 09. I know it took a long time to be without pain. Have you noticed it getting any better? Your body went through a lot, so being tired is probably normal. Have you had your 3 month check up yet?
Don't let the dr. dismiss your concerns. Make him explain why you are still in pain.
Good Luck and here to better days ahead.

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I had a resection in Jan 2007 for 3 tumors,, primary liver cancer (HCC), it took about 6-8 months for most of the pain to vanish. I had a recurrence in Jan 2010 and had RFA to remove the tumors. That only took about 6 weeks to be pain free. Mostly it was a dull ache. Remember, you have had major surgery and it will take up to a year to fully recover. The liver grows back in about 4-6 weeks to it's normal size, but the muscle and nerves and other tissues still need to fully recover. Good luck!

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Hi, I had a resection for HCC in 2007 and continued to have discomfort up to 2 years. The liver regenerates but the muscles and nerves take a long time. Then there are adhesions that usually develop after surgery. You will be tired too for a while. Be patient with yourself because it is a huge surgery and takes a while to recover.

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