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Hysterectomy recovery and energy levels

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my mother will be having her hysterectomy on Good Friday and will be in the hospital through Easter. I was looking for some feedback on energy levels just after the procedure while still in the hospital. will she likely want and need to rest most of the time, or is it a boring waiting time that you want family there? I want her to get the rest she needs but not fell lonely while she's in the hospital.

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It all depends on what type of hysterectomy. I had a total hysterectomy the traditional way (incisional cut down the middle). There is also the Davinci way. (Not sure how that one works), or Laproscopically.

With mine, I was required to stay three days in the hospital. The first day you are usually in and out because of the pain medicine. Your mom will need to move to make sure she move around as soon as she can so that she can get her bowel function back so they can let her go home.

With regard to visitors, it is really up to your mom. It usually takes 6 weeks for recovery. Although you will feel fine the first week, you still have to take it easy. No heavy lifting, etc.

Hope this helps. My best to your mom!


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Like Kathy, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy. Right after my surgery, which was at about 6 a.m., I was in and out of a stupor because of all the pain meds. However, on the day after the surgery, I was taking laps around the nurse's station--having been told by my doctors that movement was extremely important.

I spent two or three nights in the hospital; and during that time, I had plenty of visitors. I certainly enjoyed the distraction; and they were able to visit with each other if I wanted to have a nap. That was my preference, though; see how your mother feels and take it from there. Make sure that she is up and walking ASAP, though.

May your mother's recovery be simple and fast.


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I had a total hysterectomy June 28, 2010 and my hospital stay turned into 2 weeks, but I had complications with my wound closing...I dont mean to scare of freak you out Im just gonna be honest and tell you my experience...

I say it depends... how big will the incision be? Mine was 14 inched long to remove a tumor so depending on how much of a major surgery is will have a lot to do with healing

Keep an eye on her wound if the cuts large... mine was healing outside and not on the inside so they had to reopen the wound and it was very painful... *if she needs pain meds make sure to ask!!!
Also have her prepare for bowle movements... the mophine made it impossible to use the bathroom so drink lots of water and prune juice or things that will help her.. It was pretty painful and uncomfortable ...

Get up and walking asap!! Help get your insides back where they belong! It will also help her relieve any unwanted gas cause that can be painful too

Take her something to cushion her bottom to take the pain off her tail bone

I had tons of visitors it was good to see friendly faces cause the rooms are so blah even though I have balloons and flowers every where the visits were nice just make sure no one sick goes to visit cause getting a cough with the cuts on her abdomin is gonna hurt!

I was tired and outta it for the first few days and the vampires (came to take blood samples early in the am)would wake me up but I did ok beds are not the greatest so my mom brought me some extra pillows... but overal not too bad I mean its a pretty major surgery so make sure she speaks up when needed!

Hmmm I think thats about it... I hope hers goes way better then mine! But I guess being so young and having it, I healed pretty fast!

God bless and stay strong!!


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I am sorry to hear about your mom. What she really needs is support, love, and someone to be there. Being in the hospital, whether for one hour, one day, or one week is not a pleasant experiance. I was lucky to have my mom there for me through it. Even when I didn't want to talk, it was comforting having someone just be there.

I had a hysterectomy done laproscopically, which is probably the easiest. I was up the next day, itching to go home. I also had no scars. I was lucky and I have a wonderful doctor.

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Thank you all for the great information. My mom is having the full incision so the doctor can check lymphnodes as well. We were planning to be there as much as possible, so it sounds like that will be good.

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