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Just dx with Bell's Palsy this afternoon!

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I woke up today and my life once again took a turn for the worse. At first I thought I had a mini stroke but after speaking with the oncall dr he told me it sounded like Bell's Palsy and I should go to a clinic to see a PA. My right eye won't blink or close, my mouth is droopy and I can't smile. My ear hurts as well as a dull pain behind the right ear. The PA put me on Prednisone (60 mg) for 5 days. She also drew blood to test my antibodies (I had Lyme disease 18 months ago). She told me it could take a few months to clear up. This su**s! BTW - I went to see her with no hat and no bra! LOL

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Was that not the scarest thing. Years ago my husband came home from work and we were eating dinner and the food was just falling out of his mouth. We also thought he was having a stroke. There was no pain, but his right side did droop. Back then they put him on a vitiamin ( forget what kind ) we had to order it. However it all did go away and he was fine just like they said he would be. You take care and do what they tell you to and get some rest with all your going through. Hugs

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Jean 0609
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You poor thing. When it rains it pours. I actually had bells palsy many, many, many years ago when I was in junior high. I don't think I had any medicine and it just went away on its own. It was definitely a scary thing, especially since I was so you.

No hat and no bra.....woo hoo!


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Kristin N
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Your post made me sad and laugh at the same time. Praying this will go away for you soon.

♥ Kristin ♥

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What a scare that must have been. Char, if you were in front of me, I would
just give you one big hug. Given that that is not possible, words seem to fail
me. I am just so glad that this is temporary, I mean look at that beautiful smile.

You made me laugh with your bra and no hat comment... LOL


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Char, I'm so sorry you had to face that what-if, what-now fear yet again, and now have to deal with what sounds like an uncomfortable, frustrating illness.

I HATE it when I hear that some medical problem "may take months to clear up." It's the 21st century, for heaven's sakes -- aren't we supposed to have magic pills, or hyposprays like on Star Trek that stop all symptoms within minutes?

If I find any magic pills, I'll FedEx them to you immediately -- in the meantime, dear Char, please pamper yourself, do whatever will help you smile and laugh a little and feel a little better, and let us know how we can help.


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Megan M
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I am so sorry Char. Sending prayers and hugs!


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Christmas Girl
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Yes, Char - enough should be enough! As frightening as it must've been - I'm glad it's not more serious. I don't know anything about Bell's Palsy. But, according to other posts already here - it's temporary. Hope it clears up quickly for you.

Kind regards, Susan

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Yes that sucks. Take care of yourself and keep that great attitude and happy smile. I applaud you for going to see the doc topless and braless. Praying this clears up quickly.

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You made me laugh with the no bra Char. Sorry that you have Bell's Palsy. Praying that it will clear up very soon for you.

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My daughter had Bells Palsy once. It cleared up within a week for her. I am not sure if she had any medicine. It is an unknown on the recovery time though because they told her too that it could be months. I guess recovery time is just the luck of the draw.

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I am so sorry to hear about your latest turn of events. I'm sure it was a very scary experience. Just do as the dr. says and it sounds like you will make a full recovery. Take care of yourself.


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Oh Char! So so sorry for you! I have been there and it is not an easy thing to go through. I woke up one morning and the whole left side of my face was hanging down. I thought I was having a stroke. It was in the winter, I remember and I wouldn't go out at all. I was not given any medicine, just told that it would clear up in time. It took quite a while, but it did get better. To this day I am still not symettrical(sp?) But it is a far cry from what it once was. I will say prayers for you that it goes away quickly and leaves no lasting impressions.

"May you be at Peace, May you be Free of Suffering,"

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I'm very sorry Char.

Prayers sent to you,


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Hope things get better soon! We want to make sure you get to Hershey! WIll keep you in prayers.

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So sorry to hear your news.

Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way.


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I will keep you in my prayers Char.


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That does suck! Wish I could come through cyber space and give you a hug. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Oh Char, I am so sorry to read your news. When it rains, it pours. I hope that this does not last very long. Here's a big cyber (((hug))). xoxoxoxo Lynn

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I'm really glad this wasn't something really serious--like a stroke, but so sorry you have to deal with the Bell's palsy at this point. I'm hoping yours runs a very short course and that you are back to normal in no time flat.

Try to relax and take good care of yourself. Sending you all my positive vibes.

Hugs, Renee

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prayers in your direction. You've had such a tough time lately! I wish I was close by, so offer you support in some way.

Try and take care of yourself ..

Strength and Courage,

Vicki Sam

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I am sorry Char. Sending you hugs!


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Alexis F
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Char, I am so saddened to read this. Sending you prayers and hugs,


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your comments. I'm sure it will pass but for now it's just annoying! I can only chew on the left side of my mouth. Drinking is dribbles. LOL Very difficult rinsing my mouth after brushing my teeth. It was wierd sleeping with an eye stuck open last night. I noticed today that my eyelid is laying flat on top of my eye and even my nose is drooping. Oh well, life does get better, doesn't it?????

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My daughter had bell's palsy when she was in high school. you might ask if you should put a patch on your eye for sleeping and about using eye drops to keep the eye lubricated. My daughter's eyelid would not shut at all so she used a patch. She might have taped it as well but I can't remember. i know she used something like liquid tears. Her's was quite bad and she was performing in Gypsy as Dainty June and it was a real challenge for her as June is supposed to be bright and smiling and her smile was so crooked but she did it and did it well. She got excellent reviews and Gypsy Rose Lee's son was in the audience and said that she was the best June he ever say. he said she had an edge to her character. Little did he know it was aided by the bell's palsy droop. I was so proud of her. It was weeks before it went away and she had no lasting side effects. I can imagine how frightened you were. It does look like a stroke. I was so scared until we knew what it was. She also had the ear pain. It may get worse as the days go on. Her's did but as I said it got better. They didn't use anything as the thoughts then were that they didn't know how effective they were and that time will take care of it. I think steroids could have been used but we didn't want her taking them so we just went with it. It has be to hard to be dealing with all else that is going on and have this as well.
I will keep you in my prayers and good thoughts.

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I remember that my daughter used one too.

New Flower
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Char, I am very sorry. You do not need one more"medical issue" to deal with, for sure. Please let your oncologist know about this problem.
Wishing you a quick recovery from this condition.

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I am so sorry Char. I pray that this goes away very quickly for you and you fully recover.

RE's picture
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Char I am so sorry to hear this, how very frustrating! I am glad you were put on meds quickly so that it can start getting out of your system! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Gentle Hugs,


Annette 11
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I never had Bell's Palsy but I just want you to know I hope you are feeling better soon.
I LOL when I read you went with no hat and no bra. That's funny.
Take care

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I'm so sorry to hear that you have another hurdle to jump over. I'm sure you feel like enough is enough already!

I don't have any direct experience with Bell's Palsy, but I did a search to learn more (that's my way of coping) and found a very informative website at http://www.bellspalsy.ws/ if you want to do any exploring to learn more.

As some of the ladies have mentioned, you may want to take measures to protect your eyes. This site mentions eye moistening drops as well as eye protection, like patches.

I hope your symptoms go away very soon. I guess that's the silver lining - it IS temporary!

Healing Hugs,

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I am sorry to hear to your dx.

I had a colleague at work who was diagnosed at age 30 with Bell's Palsy and he used Hyaluronic Acid. I also using the same product as I was born with Psoriasis and lately it looks like it "moved" from my skin to my joins (psoriasis arthritis) so I am taking 5 drops daily and I can feeling much better. It is tasteless, odour-less and worked for my colleague and also for me. I like liquid form as it is pure form and it is much easy on my tummy (just drops in my juice morning) then taking pills.

If you are interested, please check their website http://www.hacompound.com/
Good luck


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My ear pain is ever present. I'm doing the best I can with taking care of my teeth. Since I can't use a straw, I take small sips of whatever I'm drinking. My whole right jaw feels numb now and my eye is presenting problems with reading and driving. I do use natural tears (drops) especially at night. The PA mentioned a patch for night so I will talk with my PCP on Monday as I have an appt to see him. Helen, I'll ask about the Hyal acid.

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So sorry Char that you aren't any better. Praying that your PCP can help you on Monday. Be sure and update us.

Sue :)

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jo jo
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When does it end, like breast cancer isnt enough! On the same note LMAO of the whole bra and hat thing...i love that you still have your sence of humor! Keep it up Char!

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hoping for a quick resolution, remember "this too shall pass" but wouldnt it be nice to have at least a short period of peace? HUGS

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Double Whammy
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What next? Lyme disease, breast cancer and now this. Wish I knew how to make it all better. It feels like we're not only more at risk for other cancers, but anything else that might want to set up house in our bodies. Hope this is all behind you soon.


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Different Ballgame
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Char, I don't know what to say except I feel so sad that you are going through this. May the months fly quickly. I am sending you lots of hugs to surround you and make you heal quickly.

Lots of Hugs,

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Char Thinking about you ! Hope you are doing better!

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