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Hi, new here, introduction

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marjans daughter
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Hi everyone,
My name is Miriam and I am Marjan's daughter. We live in Alberta,Canada.

Last week Wednesday after a colonoscopy to try and figure out what had been causing My Mom so very much grief the last few months, we were told that she has a large mass in her upper(left) colon. Specialist said it was imperative to get it out immediately as her colon blockage is significant (we kind of knew this because of her symptoms). She is scheduled to see a cardiologist on Monday and a cat scan to follow. Doctor wants to perform the surgery within the next 10 days.

Mom is 65, and otherwise fairly healthy. Looking back she started having bowel/ tummy issues about 3 years ago and at that time IBS was diagnosed.No colonoscopy was done at that time. This time around they thought maybe diverticulitis.

But now we know different.

We are completely still coming to terms with the news and of course won't really know anything until cat scans and surgery is done.

Just wanted to introduce myself, very appreciative to have found this discussion group.


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Actually, as the final results are not in - I hope that you soon find that you do not need to join the club at all.

Sometimes diverticulitis can cause enough inflammation that it looks like a mass.

I hope they find it all to be benign at the time of surgery. If not this place sure is a great help and comfort to all of us and we're here for everyone.

Hope it all works out, and wish you the best. Think positive.


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Welcome. I hope your stay with us is short lived and the news is good.
But if its more you have found an amazing "collection" of wonderful, caring people. I am pretty new to the site and have been welcomed warmly.
Hugs and prayers comin atcha

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Hello- Welcome and sorry that you have need of being here but, as was said by someone else, you will find this board of people very welcoming, caring, and informative. I have found out lots and lots of info from people on this board that I would I have never known if I were just going along listening to my oncologist. Not to say I don't think well of my oncologist, but I've learned that different oncologists across the country (and other countries) sometimes do things a bit differently and it's been helpful to hear what other people's doctors are saying and doing. I've also found out about some alternative/supplemental treatments in addition to the traditional treatments, which I am now incorporating together.
You said your mom has an appt with a cardiologist- does she also have heart issues, or did you mean a different kind of doctor?
The CT scan will tell if there's anything else going on anywhere else in the body- hopefully that will come back all clear of anything else anywhere else.
I am stage IV rectal cancer w/ mets to liver and lungs, diagnosed back in Aug 2007. I'm still going strong!!
Take care and please keep us informed as to how things go with your mom.

Hugs to you and your mom-

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As we all know, waiting on tests and their results is one of the difficult things to deal with.

If after all the tests and surgery, you find that it is cancer know that we are here for you both and will help in any way we can.

We have lots of experience and compassion here waiting to share with those who need it.

Please keep us posted on the test results and what the surgeon's plan is.

Hugs to you both.

Marie who loves kitties

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marjans daughter
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Thanks for the welcome everyone. I can definitely tell this is a very welcoming, informative and caring place to be.

Mom's doctor told us that had the blockage been lower he would treat it with radiation and chemotherapy, but because it is higher and very large causing almost complete blockage he wants to remove it surgically asap.

The Cardiologist appointment is just to ensure her heart is healthy and up to the surgery. Her doctor is very thorough.
Actually Mom is relatively healthy otherwise, no medications other than pain meds occasionally for her arthritis, she's allergic to NSAIDs , so has to rely on Tylenol 3s for that.

We're just waiting to hear when the cat scan and surgery will be.

I sincerely appreciate the welcome, and if anyone has had this type of surgery ( to remove a mass in colon) I'd like to hear about your experience,
Thanks, Miriam

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hi i'm new to this too. i had a blockage in upper right colon last may 2010 had trouble with bowel movement. went in hospital on a fri had ct said cancer hell of a shock had surgery tues took 2 foot of colon out, no bag everything so far is ok. no treatment either hope yours is ok. also i was 60

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Hi, Miriam.

I'm praying things will turn out well for your mom. I know y'all are in shock right now, but it will be okay.


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Welcome to this forum. I am sure there are other groups you would rather be part of, but if you have colon cancer, this is the place to be. This group is compassionate, kind, informative, + sometimes funny. I am also a Canadian, living near Toronto. I know this is a scary time, but we are here for you.

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Welcome! I'm sure you will find this board very helpful and supportive!

I'm also a caregiver, my mum was diagnosed with liver met last year in Oct. I was scared to death back then, but I have been receiving a lot of support and information here. Without this board, I could not have been through this difficult time by myself!

I hope you and your mum are both doing well!

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"Mom's doctor told us that had the blockage been lower he would
treat it with radiation and chemotherapy, but because it is
higher and very large causing almost complete blockage he wants
to remove it surgically asap. "

Surgery is the preferred way to remove a cancerous tumor, since
when it's out, you know it's out. With chemo, there's no guarantee
that it will have any effect at all, or the exact extent of the effect,
if it does work,

For that reason, it may be a fairly good idea to be a little cynical
of the present physician, and get another opinion, if that's possible
up there in cold country....?

It never hurts to get other opinions when there's a life-changing
event about to take place. I was suffering from a total blockage,
and didn't have the benefit of having time to be choosy, but I
wish I had a week to "look around" prior to my surgery.
(they did a decent job with my stoma, though)

So as long as you have the time, if you are allowed to get
other opinions, locate a specialist that's not a member of the
present doc's group, and find out what the new one says.

Also.... removal of a large section of colon -may- result in
having an ostomy. Check with the surgeon well in advance
of any abdominal surgery to make certain that -if- there's
a possibility (regardless of how remote), that she'll end up with
an ostomy, that it will be placed in the best place for -her-.

Usually for most people, 4" to the side of the navel, and 4"
below the belt line, is optimum. I have an Ileostomy, and
although I hated it initially, I've since grown fond of it.
(I liked it so much, I got another one for a spare)

Seriously, it's not a big of deal as it appears when thinking
about the possibility for a need for it. It's like washing
the turkey pan after Thanksgiving.... You hate the thought,
but it gets easier as you get further along.

Good luck, and better health to you both!


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Hi Miriam and Marjan, my name is Gail. I hope the results are good. You will find so much support, comfort, and answers here.

You mom is going to do great, and so are you. My daughter 25 has been at my side for everything and such a blessing.

Love and hugs, Gail

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marjans daughter
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Thanks so much everyone, it's been a whirlwind week, it was a exactly a week ago Mom had the colonoscopy. Since then we have been to the Cardiologist, and yesterday Mom had chest X-ray and ct scans. Very nerve racking day as we know the ct scans will show the extent of the cancer .
The waiting and not knowing takes it's toll as I know you are ALL aware.
Tomorrow we start 2 days of stress/rest testing as the Cardiologist didn't like the abnormality that showed in her heart tests, " just to be sure" her heart is strong enough for the surgery. I'm glad they're being thorough, Mom of course just wants to get this surgery going, and " get it out!" I don't blame her.

Thanks again for the warm welcome,

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marjans daughter
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Double post oops!

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