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hi guys

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hello Guy's sorry I have not posted in a while, right now Lisa and I are in Florida enjoying the sun for five days. It was much needed for both of us. Lisa needs surgery to remove a papilloma and a blood clot from her first procedure. The doctor told us that if you leave this in it can cause problems later down the road. She has her surgery on the 27th. I will be glad when this is all over. I'm due for my PET scan in three weeks. I hope everyone is doing well, for those still in treatment I'm praying for positive results... take care everyone, talk to you soon Vinny

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I love Florida.That's the place to go for the R&R.Hubby and I were supposed to go to Perdido Key last year but along came the oil spill so off we went to Az.Anyway you two enjoy for us all.Take care,Michele Dx 95FNHL3

miss maggie
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Hi Vinnie and Lisa,

Good for you. You certainly deserve some r and r after all you've been through. Especially all the waiting.

I had no idea all this was taking place with poor Lisa. I was so happy to hear the results of the biopsy. Now, I am so surprised to read Lisa has additional surgery on April 27. I would think everything will be alright. But, who needs this after everything else.

I am certain we will hear from you before your Pet Scan in three weeks. For now, prayers and angels watching over you.

Love Maggie

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HI Vinny and Lisa,

It's great to hear from you guys, I was getting a little concerned. The mother hen in me I guess. Enjoy your R & R. Taking a break was a great idea.


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Hi Vinny & Lisa,
Lucky ducks...FLORIDA! I've never been there but have always wanted to go...maybe someday! You two have fun and enjoy your peaceful time together. As always I'll keep both of you in my prayers along with thinking only good positive thoughts! Have fun!
Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Anyone who wants to come to Florida (Tampabay) Come on down. It was 85 today and beautiful.

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Hi Joanie,
I have been so cold all day. I just can't seem to warm up. Maybe it's the wind. Enjoy your warm beautiful weather..

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Thanks Lisha,
I am so hoping that you are feeling better. I have lived in Floida most of my life. I was born in MA. People don't believe how cold it can be here in the winter with the humidity. You look like you have a much better tan than me:) We have a boat and I still have the whitest legs! Take care

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Florida, Enjoy you time away. Good luck to you both. Husbands still in treatment, waiting for round 2, which will be on 4/20 (3 day infusion of R/B). Starting to get a little anxious. Beside feeling really tired and uneasy at times, he did really good after the first Chemo treatment. I hope it goes that well for him on the next one.

Thank you for your prayers. Our prayers go out to you and your wife, as well.

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Glad to hear that Lisa's problems are getting corrected! Also very glad you are on vacation in Florida! Wish I was too! But we're getting an 80 degree day tomorrow! I'll take it!

I will also keep you in my prayers for you scan!


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thanks Guy's, we had a great time, the weather was beautiful. Going somewhere like this makes you realise how much life is worth! Six months ago I was getting chemo, feeling horrible. This is why we fight to get well, spending special moments with the ones we love!!! Sorry for the babble! be well everyone Vinny

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Hi, Vinny,

So glad to hear you had a great break. You worked so hard on getting well and people don't realize you have been missing out in the world until then! I too took a brief break when hubby and I drove my son to Savannah, GA to visit School of Art and Design to see if he likes to go there. Oh, it was nice, sunny and in the 70's. But had to go back home in 2 days. Huh! I enjoyed every min of it and shall take a break again hopefully soon.

Be well then,

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Hi Liz, so true!

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