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Please help family to understand

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Hello Family---I have lung cancer and on that site, but my Dad has NHL, remission for 3 yrs, then slowly has built up and resisted chemo over this lkast year, he is now 80 yrs old, but in considerly "good" health.

He is now in the hospital with a lung infection, unkown currenty, waiting for cultures.

His white blood count is low, about 500 or so, Neutregen? shots dont bring it up. He has been done with RCHOP chemo for months and has had no radiation.

Docs took bone marrow biopsy..wont know results till Mon/Tues.
His chemo doc has always been straight forward with him and us, and he says " it does not look good" what could this mean with the info I have written?.

ps...My grandmother (his mom) died of Lymphoma and my grandfather (his dad)died of luekemia.

Please help the family understand if you can...



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Hi Dave,
Good to hear from you again. I've often wondered how your dad was doing since you last posted on our site..last summer or fall? You said his doctor has always been up-front and honest, so I tend to think given your fathers age,low blood counts and the lung infection, his doctor probably feels the days ahead will be pretty rough for him. Maybe if the bone marrow comes back clean your dad can handle some new form of treatment..lets hope thats the case. You said your dads health is considerably good...so maybe he will surprise his doctor and get better. I think the BMB results will answer alot of questions for you and the family. I'll keep him in my prayers and please come back and share with us the results. I'm sory you have to wait the whole weekend to get the results. Take care..Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Thanx for the quick response and especially remembering me from a post quite sometime ago !!!

Me...lung cancer tumor still present but reduced due to chemo/rads, lymphs are now clear, CT scan in late May.

Dad...forgot to mention, Onc Doc eluded that if my dad was 40 or so yrs old, he would hit him with a "hard chemo", but at his age, it would kill him. He said we must wait for BMB results prior to any conclusion.

After internet investgation..."hard chemo" may mean he has Acute Lukemia ??? (which got his mother). Double edge sword---chemo causes wbc count to be low, so adding more chemo does not make sense??

Thanx again...>Dave

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