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CA 125 levels w/in normal range being studied for predicitng recurrence

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A few articles are out there for UPSC uterine & ovarian @ different stages discussing CA 125 rising in a certain manner for demonstrating recurrence.
Question: Some doctors using 3 or more progressively rising CA-125 values doubling from a nadir (certin comparison starting CA 125) as a precautioner for cancer returning before it can show up on scans as it is too small to see at that point. Two ideas- Some are starting chemo after this 'certain' number CA-125 doubles other doctors do not do so.

Any first-hand info you experienced or heard about?

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My gyne-oncologist said that new studies indicate that starting chemo after CA-125 doubles a few times beyond a normal value does not provide a survival benefit. Instead, chemo can be started once recurrence appears on a CT/PET scan.

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I've read some studies. I feel it is too new yet. However, I believe this will be a means in the future once all the research is in perhaps. I like the idea of starting before a scan can see it. Thanks for sharing Rewriter.

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