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Survivor's Boyfriend Recently Diagnosed With Cancer

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I hoping to find someone who is a survivor who also has a significant other diagnosed with cancer.
I am a survivor of Hodgkins Lymphoma, diagnosed in May of 2000 and cancer free since October of 2000. In January 2011, my boyfriend, whom I've been dating for three years, was diagnosed with Desmoplastic small round tumors. It was devastating enough for me to know the guy I love with all my heart had to battle the same disease I had, but I was also overcome with grief that it was such a rare and aggressive form of cancer. We were both college freshmen. He was forced to drop out for the time being in order to complete treatment, and I took some time off to be with him and pull myself together a bit. I am now back at school, sadly, without him. Needless to say I am still struggling with overwhelming emotions regarding my boyfriend each and every day.
I've been feeling so alone; no one I know can truly know and understand how I'm feeling. I've struggled with trying to remain hopeful while knowing all I know about cancer. I feel like even just knowing someone is in the same boat as me will make everything so much easier. Please help!

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I'm probably not the person to help you out, but I'm a good listener and would be willing to talk anytime you need to. Send me a private message or something on here (I'm new too, so not really sure how it works), and I will give you my email address/IM information.


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