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cb girl
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We were so close to leaving, but the good ol hubby hadn't had the prerequisite BM and you know you aren't going anywhere if you don't leave the goods. Enema and suppository didn't work their magic. Chest/abdominal x-ray turn into CT scans which revealed a collapsed lung. Now poopie no longer the big deal. They put in a pigtail. I'm still thinking, ok, Friday, his birthday, we'll go home. Nope, surgeon comes in and says looks like we're going to surgery obviously there is still a leak. Huge sigh and crying from me-so close. Huge anxiety from him. After being awake on the ventilator for 12 hrs earlier this week he is none too keen to repeat the performance. I am worried he won't wake up to get to the ventilator. The docs have tried to reassure us over and over about the anesthesia, but we're still apprehensive to say the least. Funny, not worried about the mechanics of the fix just the wakey/sleepy part. surgery isn't until after 4pm since he's an add on so we get the stress of waaaiiitttiinngg forever. It will be ok=repeat as necessary. Thanks for letting me release it all here. This is the most afraid I have been since we started this a year ago. I am starting to really dislike the mnth of Aoril, but the weather is so nice.


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    Sorry for all the delays that you and your husband are going through but at least you are keeping your sense of humor about it. Sometimes I think they come up with things to keep us in the hospital as long as possible. We had a wonderful hospital stay about 2 weeks ago. My mom needed blood and her WBC's hit the bottom. She has recurrant SCLC. Keep your chin up and believe that things will turn out all right.
    Good thoughts your way-