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Ice Mittens and Ice Footies to prevent Neuropathy?Anybody try these ?

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I'm done with 4 rounds of AC with very few side effects(I took many supplements--didn't even need neulasta(SP?), but an now concerned with the TAXOL .
I'll have it every week for 12 weeks. Onc says IT'S LOW DOSE AND WITH FEW SIDE EFFECTS, but I never know what to believe.
So, a dental hygenist friend of mine who went thru Taxol , and didn't want to lose her profession to numb hands has loaned me her ICE Mittens and Foooties to ward off neuropathy.
She is fine. Just wondering if anyone else is aware of these items and /or has tried them.

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No, but I wish I had. I heard of these after my taxotere and actually since then our clinic was apparently offering ice mittens to chemo patients. This works much the same as chewing ice when getting chemo to prevent mouth sores (mucositis). If I were going to do chemo again I would use the booties and mittens in a flash. Best of luck to you, I hope it goes really well.

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Thanks, I'm going to use them , not believe my very aloof oncologist who makes it sound like nothing ever happens !

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On my MMMT group, they have been suggesting Glutamine to prevent neuropathy- some ladies who've tried it have reported that it works.  I've ordered mine online and expecting it today.   I just now wonder if it works on the extremities, whether it works to prevent hair loss, too. I have about 1% hair left, somehow.

It may be a bit late now - I'm about to have 5th cycle carboplatin and paclitaxel - I had a severe skin allergy to the Abraxane, the first taxol I tried.  I wonder if the steroids contribute to other side effects.  Had terrible Digestive Tract pain early on, but a reduced dosage of taxol, and taking one quarter of the recommended dosage of Dexamethasone, and no domperidone, seems to have helped enormously.  I'm really OK almost all the time - just a bit tired.

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