NSCLC spread to the aorta and all throughout middle of chest and back, not in brain

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Hello all,

First thanks for all the messages. I am a bit quick witted and have good comeback's for him. Like I said we have a great relationship.

Doctors appt went sort of well yesterday. Mark, being 6 foot now weighs at 121 lbs. His blood pressure was a bit low (had to do twice). Heart rate normal, temp 96.3. They tried to draw blood to find out his count. Didn't get too much but enough to do the count. WBC and RBC all good. The other figures (as the oncologist explained to me) are okay even though they are on the abnormal side, this is because of the cancer.

I asked the doctor if the cancer has spread to the brain. He stated that at the PET scan he can't tell because my husband was thinking. Can't tell if they are "thought" glows or cancer cell glows. He did tell me that the lung cancer has spread to the aorta, esphogus, jaw, neck, abdomen. He asked Mark if his feet are swollen. Mark didn't understand but I explained that if your heart is struggling then your feet and ankles will start retaining water. Same thing happened to my mom for 3 years, swollen right leg and doc couldn't find out why until she was in dier straits and found a benign tumor in her heart. A big one too. She is fine now. Thank God. Husband still is saying no to chemo.

Question? Has anyone had lung cancer spread to the aorta? I would like to know if this is making his prognosis any shorter. Per the doctor the cancer is all up and down the middle of his chest and back (in the nodes) from the belly button to the jaw. Like I said unsure about the brain but will find out on the next CT scan. They didn't do any of the head back in the beginning from my understanding.

Thanks for listening!


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    metabolic activity
    Kelly.... to answer your pet scan question... pet scans look for glucose usage. The brain is the most metabolic part of the body. It uses a lot of energy, so it all shows up. Pet scans don't really distinguish cancer from non cncer, it shows metabolic activity. Since cancer is also highly metabolic it shows up on the pet scan and is assumed to be cancr when the activity reaches a certain activity level.